The world is a crazy place where you'll meet lots and lots of people. There will be the ones who made you happy and the ones who make you feel like shit and of course, the ones whom you wish were dead ( let's be honest we all have that one person whom we wish would stop fucking up our life and die or leave us alone.)

The third kind of person will ALWAYS appear in your teen years. Like you'd be enjoying your ice-cream and then suddenly when he/she enters the room you feel nauseous and feel like throwing up. Well stop that thing from living your mouth and read these tips:

1) KNOW YOURSELF: Yup, I just said it. Know yourself, your weakness, your strength, flaws and all the things that people don't know about you. 'Cause let's be honest the society has strange ways of finding out the things that you thought would never leak out. And the society, being the bully that it is will eventually use it against you. And when you realize it after the others do, you start feeling bad about yourself and then tears start forming in your beautiful eyes....... Let's not get off topic so where were we? Oh yes you feel bad and depressed. So the solution is to know yourself and accept all the flaws 'cause when you do no one will be able to use it against you.

2) REMEMBER THAT HATERS MAKE YOU FAMOUS: Some people are just a little bitch to life. Trying to be the top and when they're not; well.. They start attacking on others who does better than them in life who, in this case, is YOU. So, remember that people like them just spread false rumors about you to others and the latter gets interested in you. But then realize that you are not that bad a person. So the people proving the rumors wrong may actually turn into your friends in the future.

3) BEGINNING DON'T MATTER: Majority of the celebrities these days have rough beginnings. Take the example of the ' Prince of Pop' Shawn Mendes. He was mocked and made fun of in his school because unlike most boys his age he loves to sing. But now he has gone further than most people his age. So like a butterfly which was once a caterpillar, you can also turn into something more beautiful than who you are now.

4) MAJORITY OF THEM ARE HYPOCRITES OR TOO NORMAL: Just because others are blue, doesn't mean that you have to be blue. You are an individual who has different opinion, be beautiful in your own way. Love yourself, be a little bit crazy, let go and have fun. There's so much in life than those haters' acceptance. Be your own kind of beautiful. A famous celebrity once quoted (PS: I don't remember which one) ,' I always have too much energy for the room that I am in.'

If you have survived this long than be sure to heart it. And of course if you like I will continue the tips.