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i didn't just choose answers because i like them. i chose them because of the meanings behind them and what they symbolise (・ω・)ノ

an element

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earth. i am dependable, loyal, calm and sensible. i care all about the world and the environment. i hate to see all the damage we are doing to it :(

a colour

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pink. i am compassionate, loving, understanding, romantic, affectionate, thoughtful, caring, gentle, kind and sweet. however, i am also quite sensitive, emotional, cautious, needy and clingy.

a flower

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white clover. it represents happiness, romance and that people are always thinking of you.

a type of weather

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rain. it symbolises both good and bad. it represents bad as sadness, loneliness and that either something bad is happening or is coming. however, rain also represents happier things. such as; with rain flowers can grow, the sun and rain create rainbows, kissing in the rain is romantic, and watching and listening to rain is relaxing. it also symbolises that the rain is washing away the negatives in life to bring about more positives.

a season

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summer. it represents bright, bold, joy, fun, excitement, adventure, energetic and cheerfulness.

an animal

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dolphin. they represent harmony, friendship, playfulness, peace, protection, joy, strength, gentleness, trust and wisdom. they remind us to see the good in everyone and to be more peaceful.

a drink

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soda. i am sweet and bubbly haha~

a song

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lights by bts. my friends and family are my lights and i hope i'm there's too ♡(,,•ω•,,)♡

a feeling/emotion

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excited. in 9 days i'll be going to the stray kids concert in london and i can't wait! i'm going to see hyunjin in real life ahhh~♡
they were so good!! i miss them already :((

a time of day

blue, chill, and lake image beach, ocean, and sea image
sunset. it symbolises the end of the day and the completion of the day's activities. when the sun sets it's time to stop and have a rest. the beauty of a sunset is symbolic of how beautiful life, nature and the world is. as the sun sets, it gets darker and then a new better day begins.

a fruit

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strawberry. i'm tiny and sweet :)

a subject

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dance. i used to be in a dance club when i was younger. i love dancing so much and i really want to make a kpop dance account on instagram but i'm nervous haha.

a city

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seoul, south korea. i love how beautiful it is! there's so many stores, restaurants, food, people, places to go and things to do. i also like how pretty it looks at night~

a body part

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hands. i love holding hands with people. i also like people playing with my hair, rubbing my back and stroking my legs (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

an activity

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singing. it symbolises confidence, energetic, love, happiness, satisfaction, freedom, independence and joy.

a disney princess

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belle. i have an open mind and an active imagination. appearances don't matter to me, as long as the person is caring, kind and has a good heart. i also care very much for my family ♡

a movie/tv show

Image removed stranger things, eleven, and netflix image
stranger things. it's my favourite show right now. i love the characters, the storyline and of course the outfits! i also love the friendships throughout the show, so cute!

a place

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bed. i love sleep and i love dreaming. a lot of my dreams recently have been stray kids related ♡ dreaming makes me happy and lets my imagination be creative.
{can hyunjin get in my bed though please oof}

a tattoo

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either a flower, heart, planets or moon and stars etc. i want something nature related to remind me of how beautiful the world is and that we shouldn't take it for granted (=^・ω・^=)

a fear

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ghosts. this is a huge fear of mine. my house has an uncomfortable feel and i'm just scared about anything paranormal. i can't watch horror movies, especially paranormal ones because they make me scared and worried haha. so yeah have some cute photos that are ghost related :)
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♡ thank you if you read this far, i know this article was super long ♡

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