Oh, yes. Your girl has hopped on this trend train on We Heart It. It´s the, ¨If I Were [Blank].¨ I know, I know. I am fashionably late to this party, but that just means that I will be well remembered, am I right?

In an alternative universe I would be a Queen. Not a boring Queen, no. A Queen that is made up of magical powers and is the most powerful in the land with her magical powers...

An alternative universe that I have made up.

The region is stretched far and wide. It is made up of lots of different nations (more than 100+) that have signed a peace treaty. It wasn´t always like this though. When the first human being with magical powers was born, it was a catastrophe.

Malicious people wanted to kidnap the child and sell it at the Black Market. Other people wanted the child to be dissected and studied. While others wanted people who had malicious thoughts to stop thinking that way about a child. The child´s parents, however, became increasingly worried about what other´s might do to them and their baby...

They hid in secrecy, their identities shrouded in mystery, until they were nothing but an urban legend.

A few years, however, there was another rumor about a child with magical powers.

And another, and another, and another... until it wasn´t an urban legend, it was fact.

News articles were written with the headlines, ¨The New Era Has Begun!¨ The internet was going crazy, ¨WTF is this? Harry Potter????¨

But, not every baby who was born had magical powers. The doctors were catching on to which babies possessed magical powers. ¨Your baby does not have magical powers, Miss.¨ ¨How can you tell?¨ ¨It´s because of the eyes. Usually babies who have said magical powers have either light purple eyes, or dark purple eyes. Your baby has normal colored eyes.¨

It was their eyes. Babies had purple eyes when they were born. Their powers were weak in infancy/non existing. But when they hit puberty, at around the ages of 13-16, that´s when they were the most dangerous.

The most rare type of eyes were heterochromia; two colored eyes.
One purple and the other a normal type eye. They were rare and also the most weak of the babies with both of the eyes purple.

The Queen of Light - Meifyre

eye and purple image black and white, eye, and monochrome image
My name is Queen Meifyre. I was born a healthy baby girl on June 10th, 55XX. By this time, civilization was run by powerful humans who had magical powers. Both of my parent´s were magic holders, meaning I was born with two light colored purple eyes.
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I wasn´t born into royalty; I was trained. Only the powerful and determined can become a royal. Everybody wants to be a royal for their own reasons. Some want money, while others want power. Me? I wanted to be a royal so I could help others in need. The nation I was born in was in peril. We put other nations first instead of our own, so we suffered homelessness and hunger amongst the lower class (those who had weak powers or were disabled). It was pretty ironic, since we are one of the tenth wonders of the world. Where everyone´s magic together makes the land a bit more vibrant and colorful.
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It took years, upon years to reach my goal and to become powerful. It´s easy for attack type magic to become powerful, but support magic is a whole ´nother story. I was born with Light magic. To be more specific, I was born with healing magic. I could heal the wounded just by placing my hands on their wounds and concentrating on the area. The most powerful of healers would restart a ¨dead¨ heart and could even reattach limbs. It is said that when a healer dies, white little flowers will start to sprout in the place where she died and if you ate the flowers, it would act like medicine; healing all of your ailments.
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I became the Queen of my nation after intense battles and showdowns with the current heads of all 100+ nations. My well known abilities are called, ¨Martyrs Revenge¨ where I envelop the victim with blinding light, slowly burning the enemy from the inside out, while the light gives off a sharp screeching noise that only the victim can hear. The other is called, ¨Tears of Youth.¨ It´s a high level regenerative magic that I can use when someone´s near death. It dispels anything that is causing them to pass and adds another five years to their lifespan.
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Since I am a Queen, I can live in a mansion where I can have anything and everything. It´s one of the perks to being royalty. Aside, from doing lots of paperwork and making sure all 100+ nations are being friendly with each other.

This is my Alternative Universe if I were a Queen. I would be a helpful Queen who would help her nation out first and then when we were stable, we would help other nations that are struggling.