“Hey Hey Hey! It’s a beautiful day and I can’t stop myself from smiling…” Alexa plays a Michael Buble number at 8:00 am. The mobile alarm ring light pops dimly on your mobile screen and the light gets brighter, mimicking the sun. Sleepy and sluggish, you climb down the staircase and command your coffee machine to make your favorite brew at a touch of a button. After gulping down your favorite beverage, experimenting with different hairstyles as seen on YouTube, and browsing through your emails on laptop, you rush for indulging into a luxurious bath offered by your smart water system. An Uber arrives at your door step and drops you off at your workplace.

Routine looks like this for a lot of tech savvy individuals. In other words, consumers. Apart from the individuals who smile while utilizing these technologies, the brands that provide digital transformation solutions are basking in the glory of success. We thrive in times that are not just digitally driven. They are customer-driven too. People do not prefer to waste time surfing too many websites or visiting a brick and mortar store to buy what they want. They prefer to place orders or communicate with brand associates at finger tips and from the comforts of their home.

It is important for business owners of today to mull over certain questions given below

Do you provide interactive and vivid experiences to your customers? Can your products/services be customized? Are you bridging the gaps needed to fulfill customer expectations?

If you have answers to the above questions is negative, you must consider talking to a company that offers digital transformation consulting services. The experts working on digital transformation technologies can offer you important insights needed to provide customer focused experiences. However, before you go about embracing these technologies, let’s find out how you can bring about customer focused digital transformation and in what ways can you do it:

Offer Interactive Experiences

For creating fun and interactive experience for your customers, you must pull down the silos – which is the combination of organizational data and technology. There needs to be a profound understanding of customer journeys dependent on different touch points.

Once you map and democratize these journeys, you will be able to promote your services and products in a better way. Integrating a Chabot, crafting interactive websites, and implementing artificial intelligence technologies might help.

Engage with Customers through Multiple Channels

According to a study conducted by White House Office of Consumer Affairs, 80% of U.S. customers don’t mind spending more money on a service or product if the company offers a superior quality customer experience. Thanks to technologies, it has gotten easier to connect with customers than it was in the past. One can connect with customer base through multiple mediums including social media chat, emails, and mobile messages.

Now, although most of us make use of these mediums, it gets difficult to figure out the precise needs of customers. One good way to get over engagement blues with customers is to make use of digital resources in a significant way. Ask yourself questions like “When would the customers need my products/brand?” “For how many hours in a day should I be reachable to customers?” By answering such questions consistently and with clarity, you are sure to establish meaningful and long lasting relationships with customers.

Create an Ecosystem

As discussed before, customers can be reached via different touchpoints. For several business owners, it just starts and ends with sales funnels, checklists, and processes. However, what they really need to do is get into the nitty gritty of how customers engage with different brands and gain a deeper understanding of ecosystems. When it comes to investing into a particular service or product, customers do not always follow a linear approach. They prefer an Omni channel experience or a combination of offline and online buying.

Put yourself in the shoes of customers and think about the ways in which your ecosystem can help. Ask the professionals offering digital transformation consulting as to how you can pursue digital transformation and meet the requirements of your customers seamlessly.

Offer Personalization

Artificial intelligence is one of the most sought-after technologies for providing customers with an exclusive and personalized shopping experience. Using AI, one can broadcast effective and meaningful stories which help business owners to foster long-lasting and meaningful customer relationships.

According to eMarketer’s forecast, more than 86% of digital display ads would be broadcasted programmatically by the year 2020. This means that 9 out of 10 ads would be targeted towards a particular customer. Let’s take the ad of Missing People for example. The company creates location-specific posts on social media and advertises it only to those audience members which has increased their response rate from 50% to 70%.

Get Proactive on Social Media

As the customers of today are active on social media, it becomes one of the best platforms to connect with them and promote your brands. Ensure that you answer customer questions and respond to their feedback proactively. Once you get an idea about the drawbacks of your brand, you would be able to work on creating better customer strategies. These strategies will drive consistent experiences which help you increase customers’ faith in your brand.

Drive Better Conversions through Digital Transformation Anything that is generic is not acceptable by the customers of today. Digital transformation solutions enable you to offer customers with personalized, insightful, and smart buying experiences at every stage. If you lack the technical knowhow needed to adopt these solutions, you can consider getting in touch with a firm that helps you strategize a smooth digital transformation and craft data-driven business models.

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