Hello everyone! This is my second article in my 'meet my OC's' series! It's been awhile since I posted the first one (almost a year exactly, oopsies), but here it is! These articles are as much for you to get to know my characters as they are for me <3 . I hope you enjoy reading and learning about Jasper! I love him dearly :D


Full Name; Jasper David Holloway

Age Range; 21-25

Gender and Sexuality; Male, straight

Nationality; Irish

Status; Alive, no planned death


Jasper somehow is the tallest in his family, surpassing his father by a couple of inches. Jasper stands at 6 feet and 1 inch tall. From years of working out and street fighting, which he is quite good at, he has acquired a very muscled and defined body. His dark brown hair is a messy and unruly, which serves his whole 'bad boy' look he has quite well. Jasper is attractive, and he knows it. And he likes to use it to his advantage. His hazel eyes are striking against his tanned skin, which he can thank his mother for. His soft accent is endearing, but mostly to foreigners of course. Jasper has a certain edge to him, he walks around like he's got a chip on his shoulder. Which, arguably, he does have some problems. He's moody and broody, and it shows on his face, with his usually growly and tense expressions. His face and body are usually sore, and covered with bruises, scratches, and scars from his years of fighting.

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As mentioned above, Jasper is something of a 'bad boy'. He doesn't take to authority well, and thinks most things are out to get him. Due to this, he had a rough time in high school. Shockingly, Jasper has nearly a genius level IQ, and is basically a walking calculator. He has a fondness for history, and therefore is also a walking Wikipedia page for most of your history facts and needs. He's got some problems, that's for sure, and luckily for him he's got a great outlet in street fighting to vent his anger out in. Among his other favorite activities are partying, which he does often. Sailing, which he also has a fondness for the ocean and boats. Helping out his Nana, who he loves dearly and will never see his dark side up close. On the subject of his beauty as I mentioned above, he is attractive and knows it, and will use it to his advantage, and has in many situations.

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Father; David Holloway. Estranged. Both his father and mother are something of alcoholics. When his father drank, he would either be a violent drunk or just a terribly stupid one. Jasper never knew what he was going to get, however he didn't have to live with his parents for long before his grandmother (on his father's side) took him in. On the rare occasion he was sober, he was actually quite a good dad to Jasper. He would play baseball with him, take him out for ice cream, and that sort of thing. Jasper later grew to believe that his father only acted like this out of guilt for what he had done when he was drunk, although he never talked about it. David could never keep a job, and this lead to the family moving around a lot.

Mother; Clare Holloway. Estranged. Like his father, she is an alcoholic. Also like his father, at the times when she was sober she could be a good mother, although she is lazy. She would sometimes cook dinner, although she wasn't a great cook. Jasper appreciated the gesture because he knew that she really did put a lot of effort into it, and she rarely put effort into anything. She never had a job, and like I said, is lazy. Despite being home all day, the house was always a mess. She frequently shopped despite not having much money to spend, which racked up quite a lot of credit card debt for the family.

Grandma; A good woman, who is ashamed of her son. He's the oldest of her five children, and she wonders where she went wrong. She took in Jasper when he was seven, and has done quite well with him, despite him growing up a troubled boy. Most of that was out of her control. Jasper calls her Nana, and is incredibly respectful and tenderhearted towards her, which cannot say the same of his own parents.

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Fun Facts

  • In high school, Jasper credits his graduating to his history professor who saw the best in him and had faith in him, even when everyone else had given up on him
  • With his love of sailing, Jasper has a house boat
  • Another hobby Jasper enjoys is a one night stands, which happen often
  • Jasper doubts he will ever find real love, and he doesn't even wish to be in an actual relationship
  • Jasper is a frequent smoker
  • He wears glasses, though no one will ever see him wear them in public
  • In an early draft of his character, Jasper was living with his abusive father, who later he kills out of hatrid and anger. Jasper is no stranger to hate or anger, but I just don't think Jasper has it in him to kill anyone.
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