Okay, so the weirdest thing happened to me the other day. I was just chilling at home working on some homework when out of nowhere my ex texted me. I was literally so shocked to see his name pop up on my phone's screen. It was completely unexpected.

For one, we haven't talked all that much this year except for a few times here and there. The last time was about three months ago. Secondly, in the past, it has almost always been me that reaches out. Never him.

This whole year, I've had it in my head (and in my heart) that things between us were truly over.

So yeah, him texting me was the last thing I expected.

But now here's where things get confusing...

My ex didn't text me to ask how I was doing or to apologize for things in the past. No. Instead, he texted me to get my opinion on a music artist. Yup. You heard that right. He texted me to talk about music. And okay, I love to discuss music with people. Especially when we like the same artists, which my ex and I do. But why does my ex care what I think about an artist that he's been listening to? We've barely talked this year (not for lack of trying on my end), so surely there are other people he could go to for their opinion on the artist? Right? I don't know. I just think randomly talking to me about music is just so weird after months of no contact. Like did he really want my thoughts on the artist or was that just his way of trying to talk to me?

The whole thing is bad timing, too. I was finally getting to a point where I was okay with the fact that he and I were no longer involved in each other's lives. But of course, he just had to text me and remind me that he's still here. Like why? What was the point?