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Are you going to learn Greek, Latin or French?

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french first, as it will be the easiest one for me and my name is french but I aim to learn all three.

Will you drink coffee or tea as you read trough old books?

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coffee: steaming, dark and bitter coffee, silky and creamed hot coffee, sweet iced coffee.

Running trough the dark, mysterious forests behind the school at night or early morning walks around the school?

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my roommates and i have run through the dark forest behind the school and dorms at midnight once, chasing the deer that came down from the mountain and it was thrilling and free. i'd do that all the time if i could.

Will you read Kill Your Darlings or The Picture of Dorian Gray?

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i plan to read both but since i only have a copy of dorian gray at the moment i'd probably start with that one first.

Will you read The Secret History or Dead Poets Society?

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i have read the secret history and it is my absolute favourite book. i'm planning to read it again i love it so much. unfortunately i don't own the dead poets society novel yet.

All-girls school, all-boys school, or going to a school for everyone?

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i've always attended a co-ed school and am currently in a co-ed university

Will you tell your friends about Oscar Wilde or Edgar Allan Poe?

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oscar wilde

Will you tell the rough truth or the sweet lies about what happened last weekend?

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sweet lies, it's none of your business darling ;)

Will you prefer the sound of the crowded library (flipping pages, pencils meeting paper, soft whisperes) or your shared dormitory at night (snoring, fire crakles, rain tapping against the window?

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my shared dormitory at night, always. our university library is more of a modern touch than the aesthetic old feel to it.

Running in the rain or laying on grass on during summer?

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our summers are very very hot here, i'll take running in the rain anytime.

At night, when they ask for a scary story, will you tell of true crime or urban legends?

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i'll bust out the urban legends

Will your old radio play classical or jazz?

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old radio jazz, come swinging in clique

Will you take history or English class?

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more of an english class person