Hey Babes! Today's article is on beauty and makeup mistakes I've made, because girls need to help each other not make the same mistakes if they are preventable!

Check out Part 2 after reading this one!

1) Using the wrong shade of concealer

Storytime: OMG, this one is embarrassing. I was probably in 5th or 6th grade and I began to get an occasional pimple. And that occasional pimple was BIG. I went to Daiso, which is similar to a dollar tree. Anyways, I bought a random concealer stick that wasn't even the right color for my skin tone! It was so bad, it was orange and what was even worse is that I caked it on those zits where it looked like terra cotta clay.

Tips for choosing the perfect concealer: The lesson is girls, get a good quality concealer, it doesn't have to be $100, it can be drugstore, just ensure that it is your skin color! Test it on the inside of your arm. For undereye concealer, get a shade no lighter than your foundation color, but not darker than your foundation color, or else you will make your eye bags darker!! Also, blend your concealer and check in the light to make sure it matches your skin tone.

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*Extra tip*
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2) Brushing my curly hair and creating a frizzy mess

Storytime: Ok, if you have curly hair, you will relate. When people ask why you don't brush your hair in the morning, it is because your hair gets huge and frizzy. Not. Cute. Ok, so when I was younger, in elementary school, I brushed my hair so much one school morning that it was huge and frizzy. My mom yelled at me because it looked so bad.

Tips for Curly Hair: If you have curly hair, brush it before and after showering. Might seem like common sense, but not many people brush their hair before showering, but it helps your conditioner work so much better and prevents tangles! Also, buy bb cream for your hair or hair products to tame and define your curls. Sleep with your hair in a bun or a braid so you don't sleep on your hair. Last tip! If you do brush your hair because it is too tangly add water and product to help, and if all fails, braid your hair or put it in a bun.

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3) Filling in Eyebrows too Dark

Tips on choosing the right eyebrow makeup: First of all, eyebrow pencils can be soo affordable. I buy elf pencils for around $2-3! If you are unsure about the right shade, see if there is a tester, or ask a beautician. If you are buying a drugstore eyebrow pencil, which is literally me, play it safe and get a shade you think would be too light instead of too dark. You can always layer and shade when you fill in your brows, and it is REALLY hard to apply eyebrow makeup that is too dark for you. If your eyebrow makeup is too dark, which it is easy to overfill your brows, lighten them up with face powder.

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That's it my darlings! I have soo many more, such as overplucking, apply contour wrong, not blending eyeshadow, etc. If this article gets 150 hearts, I'll do a part 2!

Goodnight Babes,