So lately IDK if you've seen on social media everyone was shaming Justin Bieber about Selena Gomez and the relationship they "had", and all of that turned out to be a fanfiction.
I'm a big fan of Justin and I know he's done wrong things but we can't just see that in people, so after all my friends started shaming him and saying he's a bad person, he cheated and how of a bad person he was; when this turned out to be lies I reaches to my group chat and told them but they said ohh yeah but he's done a lot of stuff so I still don't like him, I tolerated it didn't answer back until one of them said he is a celebrity he has to deal with all the hate he signed to that.

So there's the question, why are we so selfish when we're on social media and make people think we have to hate on people just because they accomplished their dreams and goals, why are we so rude to people, why do we think its right when it obviously isn't?

Why don't we consider that they are as much of a person as us, I'm not just talking about celebrities, people that we think are "different" than us also pass through this and we just let it happen, so what do we consider is okay and what's not?