Have ever had that person. You know the one you call when it's 3am and you just cant anymore. You don't want to wake them, but you call anyway, and they weren't sleeping because they couldn't. It was always odd that when one couldn't sleep neither could the other. You both sit in the still few seconds and realize that you never knew how beautiful silence was. You breathe in every moment you have with this person. You pray it will never be your last. One day, when you weren't even aware, it was the last 3am phone call, the last silent moment, the last honest conversation, the last I love you. You did not cherish the last. You prayed it wouldn't happen. But you woke up the next morning, in different states, with different goals, different paths. Your heart didn't break, slowly the pain kind of drifted, and before you knew it when you were wondering who to call at 3am their name wasn't the first one that shot into your head. Someone who was once your everything was now almost nothing to you. But you don't remember that feeling. You try and force yourself to sleep, but for some odd reason...you cant.