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ulzzang and sea image

Name: Mizu Aoi
NIckname(s): Blu
Gender: Nonbinary-Masculine, he/him/they/them
Sexuality: Demisexual
Species: Merperson (Voluntary shapeshifting)


boy image blue, boy, and water image boy, ulzzang, and aesthetic image bath, bones, and collar bones image black hair, male, and blue eyes image aesthetic, eye, and water image
Black hair | Blue eyes | Pale skin | Freckles


boys, fashion, and outfits image black and white image hat, cap, and fashion image black, edgy, and emo image grunge, jacket, and style image aesthetic, boy, and grunge image
Denim | Black & white | Baseball caps


quotes image indecisive, romantic, and tumblr image ugly, honest, and sky image best friend, honest, and patience image quotes image decide, decision, and indecisive image
Indecisive | Comes off as soft but is lowkey cold hearted sometimes | Brutally honest | Patient |


book, ocean, and beach image Inspiring Image on We Heart It blue, guy, and water image hammock image cute guy, gorgeous, and graceful image tropical and tropical vibesss image
Reading | Animals | Relaxing | Swimming & dance | The ocean


body, boy, and girl image boy, clothes, and grunge image boy, grunge, and pale image boy, gay, and love image filter, guy, and guys image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Jacob Weiss


aesthetic, alternative, and asian boy image cat, animal, and kitten image aesthetic, books, and cat image boy, ulzzang, and asian image
Toshi | Sora | Kyo | Hikaru


Gracen & Gethen
Image removed summer, boy, and ocean image blue, guys, and holiday image back, blonde, and boy image

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