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Does your character have siblings? If yes, does he/she share his/her room with them? If not, mention if he/she would like to have. Also, does your character live with his/her parents?

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Kailani Valois is the oldest child. She has a brother who is two years younger than her, Adrian Valois. They really look alike; striking blue eyes and dimples, a well-known deadly combination that only the Valoises have. He also has thick eyebrows and fair skin. The only thing that's different is his hair. Adrian has short wavy dirty blond hair and a tall lean body. He's 5'9" (176 cm) and he's only 14yo. He usually wears tee or polo shirt with a pair of short pants or jeans and a hat.

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Kailani and her brother often argue and quarrel, but they're actually very close. Adrian used to follow Kailani around when he was little, even their bedrooms are next to each other. But once they grew up, Adrian gets more protective of her and their mother so much that he starts to look like the older brother. They're only 16 and 14, so they both still lives with their parents in the Valois Mansion.

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