my eyes aren't blue. i am not naked.
Wanted too much surrender myself to the emotions, but i had did it and i leave it with lack of feelings. By share what had inside me. I just pretend that people are far sometimes, wished that are not like this. They like that this way and is also by this that i pretend they are far.
If you see it all, ask you to not hide, i destine to you a special place.
Even it dont be the way as our hands enlaced by mine or by my chest".
With out make a scene or lie, because no one ever asked me if there was something wrong.
I dont want those bad feelings, don't want to speak ugly words. Do not want to speak those words. As if i said to you that love you just by look to you, i imagine" us on front of sea, in the sand, like is laked something that no one will imagine.

All these girls, All those nights. I ended like that, deluded, Hurted, denied, scared. Missing a hug, Missing someone even that That one´´ dont speak a word. All these time waiting from the right time to all be much bigger than a no and i dont know if they feel fault. I used to think about they but now i am starting to be good. so i guess you got to say no! No! Deny. Denial, i never was the tentation the some ones saw, but i never was too god as i never was by lack of choice to be. The end is came and i did not wanted you, no you.

I am wondering, huh, are you proud or what, did i just killed some pages or. what, huh, hey, what do i do now? so what, they are full of sadness or, i dont know. see, yeah, huh.