One of my favorite things to do is write songs. I may not be the best at it, but I really enjoy it. I love to think about the deeper meaning behind lyrics of some songs, and I try to put deeper meanings behind my own lyrics. And sometimes there are just lyrics in songs that make me think "damn... why didn't I think of that?"

All I Ask - Adele

If this is my last night with you
Hold me like I'm more than just a friend
Give me a memory I can use
Take me by the hand while we do what lovers do
It matters how this ends
'Cause what if I never love again?

Don't Let the Kids Win - Julia Jacklin

Don't let your grandmother die while you're away
Your cheap trip to Thailand's not gonna make up for never getting to say goodbye
And don't let your brother stop thinking you're cool
Yeah, I know he's got a girlfriend now and he's taller
But that don't mean he stopped looking up to you

Is That Alright? - Lady Gaga

It felt like summer when I kissed you in the rain
And I know your story, but tell me again
Nothing you say wouldn't interest me
All of your words are like poems to me
I would be honored if you would take me as I am

Normal - Sasha Sloan

Keep on playing that song that I don't like
I just wanna feel normal for the night
Keep on kissing that guy that's not my type
I just wanna feel normal for the night

The Face of God - Camp Cope

And I saw it
The face of God
And he turned himself away from me
And said I did something wrong
That somehow what happened to me was my fault
You can see it in apologists and hear it in the songs

Roman Holiday - Halsey

Do you remember the taste of my lips that night?
I stole a bit of my mother's perfume
'Cause I remember when my father put his fist through the wall that separated the dining rom
And I remember the fear in your eyes the very first time we snuck into the city pool
Late December with my heart in my chest and the clouds of breath
Didn't know where we were running to
But don't look back

Fifteen - Taylor Swift

When you're fifteen and somebody tells you they love you, you're gonna believe them
And when you're fifteen, don't forget to look before you fall
I've found time can heal most anything
And you just might find who you're supposed to be
I didn't know who I was supposed to be at fifteen

The Louvre - Lorde

Our thing progresses
I call and you come through
Blow all my friendships to sit in hell with you
But we're the greatest, they'll hang us in the Louvre
Down the back, but who cares?
Still the Louvre

Delicate - Taylor Swift

Third floor on the West Side, me and you
Handsome, you're a mansion with a view
Do the girls back home touch you like I do?

Around - NIKI

You love me with your bones
You hold me when I'm broke
You don't ask for a thing
I hope it's you they put me in the ground by
You know where I've been, where I'm from
You know who took me to prom
You watched as my legs and pride grew taller
I want to be the one you call drunk

Drew Barrymore - SZA

I get so lonely, I forget what I'm worth
We get so lonely, we pretend that it's worse
I'm so ashamed of myself, think I need therapy
I'm sorry I'm not more attractive
I'm sorry I'm not more ladylike
I'm sorry I don't shave my legs at night
I'm sorry I'm not your baby mama
I'm sorry you got karma coming to you
Collect your soul, get it right

Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Beams - Camp Cope

Hearing cat calls from a construction yard
They'll say, "take it as a compliment, they're only being nice
Yeah, it's a far too common lie
And you'll carry keys between your knuckles when you walk alone at night

odds - NIKI

This has got to be a joke
The universe fucking hates my guts
Reminding me you and I don't spell 'us'
We share different postal codes, maybe that's why I never got the memo
She's the real deal and I was just a pretty demo

The Omen - Camp Cope

Now as long as I close my eyes, I'm by myself
And I'd rather be alone with you than anywhere else
And now I'm turning onto your street
Now I love you like you never hurt me
The planet took a real sharp turn before all that space in between

Didn't Know What I Was In For - Better Oblivion Community Center

To fall asleep, I need white noise to distract me
Otherwise, I have to listen to me think
Otherwise, I pace around, hold my breath, let it out
Sit on the couch and think about how living is just a promise that I made

Sorry - Halsey

I'm sorry to my unknown lover
Sorry that I can't believe that anybody ever really starts to fall in love with me
Sorry to my unknown lover, sorry I could be so blind
Didn't mean to leave you and all of the things that we had behind

Hard Feelings/Loveless - Lorde

When you've outgrown a lover, the whole world knows but you
It's time to let go of this endless summer afternoon

Is There Somewhere - Halsey

You're writing lines about me, romantic poetry
Your girls' got red in her cheeks, cause we're something she can't see
And I try to refrain, but you're stuck in my brain
And all I do is cry and complain, because second's not the same

Beggin' For Thread - Banks

My words can come out as a pistol
And I'm no good at aiming
But I can aim it at you

Exhale - Sabrina Carpenter

I listen to my mom
I listen to my dad
I listen to my sisters
Everyone relax
Everybody answers shit I didn't ask
Think I'm reaching my limit

Love In the Dark - Adele

Please stay where you are
Don't come any closer
Don't try to change my mind
I'm being cruel to be kind

Old Money - Lana Del Rey

Will you still love me when I shine from words but not from beauty?

Thoughts - Sasha Sloan

I'm scared they're all laughing, so I make the joke first
If I beat them to the punchline, then I can't get hurt
Yeah, I swear to God I'm trying, but I don't know how to be
How to be a good friend to me

Video Games - Lana Del Rey

It's you, it's you, it's all for you
Everything I do
I tell you all the time
Heaven is a place on Earth with you
Tell me all the things you wanna do
I heard that you like the bad girls, honey, is that true?
It's better than I ever even knew
They say that the world was built for two
Only worth living if somebody is loving you
Baby, now you do

Don't Watch Me Cry - Jorja Smith

I wonder if you're thinking "is she alright all alone?"
I wonder if you tried to call but couldn't find your phone
Have I ever crossed your thoughts?
Because your name's all over mine
A moment in time, don't watch me cry

You're So Cool - Nicole Dollanganger

You're so cool, you're so cool
I'll bet when you were born
All the Orange Crush and Ne-Hi soda bottles in the world fizzed over

Last Kiss - Taylor Swift

I'll watch your life in pictures like I used to watch you sleep
And I feel you forget me like I used to feel you breathe
And I keep up with our old friends just to ask them how you are
Hope it's nice where you are
And I hope the sun shines and it's a beautiful day
And something reminds you, you wish you had stayed
You can plan for a change in weather and time
But I never planned on you changing your mind

better off - Ariana Grande

Steering clear of any headaches to start
And if we're being honest
I'd rather your body than half of your heart
Or jealous-ridden comments that come when you let in them feelings that I don't want
I never let them know too much
Hate getting too much emotional

Funeral - Phoebe Bridgers

I have this dream where I'm screaming underwater
While my friends are all waving from the shore
And I don't need you to tell me what that means
I don't believe in that stuff anymore

Make Up Your Mind - Florence + The Machine

Make up your mind, let me leave or let me love you
While you've been saving your neck, I've been breaking mine for you

Past Life - Maggie Rogers

I could feel the shadow coming straight on down the line
Masquerading like he was a friend of mine
I could feel the darkness wrapping all it's arms in mine
I could feel the world was turning all inside my mind

To the Hilt - Banks

People say we're better off, you couldn't keep up
I still keep one broken piece
The one that fits in that chip on your shoulder
When we made our master plans, is this where you thought we would be standing?

This Is What Makes Us Girls - Lana Del Rey

This is what makes us girls
We all look for heaven and we put our love first
Something that we'd die for, it's a curse
Don't cry about it, don't cry about it

13 Beaches - Lana Del Rey

I still get lonely, and baby only then do I let myself recline
Can I let go and let your memory dance in the ballroom of my mind?
Across that county line

State of Grace - Taylor Swift

This is a sate of grace
This is the worthwhile fight
Love is a ruthless game unless you play it good and right
These are the hands of fate
You're my achilles heel
This is the golden age of something good and right and real

Wildest Dreams - Taylor Swift

You'll see me in hindsight, tangled up with you all night
Burning it down
Someday when you leave me, I'll bet these memories follow you around

Black Beauty - Lana Del Rey

I paint the house black
My wedding dress black leather, too
You have no room for light
Love is lost on you
I keep my lips red to seem like cherries in the spring
Darling, you can't let everything seem so dark blue

ghostin - Ariana Grande

Though I wish he were here instead
Don't want that living in your head
He just comes to visit me when I'm dreaming every now and then
And after all that we've been through
There's so much to look forward to
What was done and what was said
Leave it all here in this bed with you

Million Years Ago - Adele

I know I'm not the only one who regrets the things they've done
Sometimes I just feel it's only me who never became who they thought they'd be
I wish I could live a little more
Look up to the sky, not just the floor
I feel like my life is flashing by and all I can do is watch and cry

Pools - NIKI

When I was young, I used to check for you under my bed
But now I'm older and instead I let you sleep on it
You're smoking five days a week, don't you say I'm why you can't breathe
You've got nerve saying it ain't that deep
Friends don't wear skin to sleep

Dancing With Your Ghost - Sasha Sloan

I stay up all night, tell myself I'm alright
Baby, you're just harder to see than most
I put the record on, wait til I hear our song
Every night I'm dancing with your ghost

idontwannabeyouanymore - Billie Eilish

If teardrops could be bottled
There'd be swimming pools filled by models
Told a tight dress is what makes you a whore
If "I love you" was a promise, would you break it if you're honest?
tell the mirror what you know she's heard before
"I don't wanna be you anymore"

White Mustang - Lana Del Rey

Packing all my things for the summer
Lying on my bed, it's a bummer
'Cause I didn't call when I got your number, but I liked you a lot
Slipping on my dress and soft filters
Everybody says you're a killer, but I couldn't stop the way I was feeling the day your record dropped

All Too Well - Taylor Swift

There we are again in the middle of the night
We danced around the kitchen in the refrigerator light
Down the stairs, I was there, I remember it all too well
Time won't fly, it's like I'm paralyzed by it
I'd like to be my old self again, but I'm still trying to find it
After plaid shirt days and nights when you made me your own
Now you mail back my things and I walk home alone

Clean - Taylor Swift

The drought was the very worst
When the flowers that we'd grown together died of thirst
It was months and months of back and forth
You're still all over me like a wine stained dress I can't wear anymore

Chelsea Hotel #2 - Leonard Cohen

I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel
You were famous, your heart was a legend
You told me again, you preferred handsome men
But for me, you would make an exception
And clenching your fist for the ones like us who are oppressed by the figures of beauty
You fixed yourself, you said, "Well nevermind, we are ugly, but we have the music"

Hold Up - Beyonce`

Can't you see there's no other man above you?
What a wicked way to treat the girl that loves you

Moirai - Lucy Rose

I won't settle for the theory you're not made for me
This fate and fortune misery
Let's go against the grain, let them think we're both insane
We'll write our own history
But, first, you've gotta come and meet me

Pray You Catch Me - Beyonce`

Nothing else ever seems to hurt like the smile on your face
When it's only in my memory, it don't hit me quite the same
Maybe it's a cause for concern
But I'm not at ease, keeping my head to the curb

Sawzall - Banks

I caught you singing from the ceiling
I thought that meant you were healing
Looking back, I see the meaning
I didn't notice the teething
Why didn't you say you needed me?
Why don't you say what you mean?

Starring Role - MARINA

It almost feels like a joke to play out the part
When you are not the starring role in someone else's heart
You know I'd rather walk alone than play a supporting role
If I can't get the starring role

Get Free - Lana Del Rey

There's no more chasing rainbows and hoping for an end to them
Their arches are illusions, solid at first glance
But then you tried to touch them, there's nothing to hold onto
The colors used to lure you in and put you in a trance

Sad Beautiful Tragic - Taylor Swift

In dreams, I meet you in warm conversation
We both wake in lonely beds in different cities
And time is taking it's sweet time erasing you
And you've got your demons, and darling, they all look like me

Different Things - GRACEY

I keep remembering your hands on my skin
The way you would feel when you would pull me in
But then you stopped doing it
And it tore me apart, that shit broke my heart
To me, it was love
To you, it was all too much

I'll Still Have Me - CYN

Maybe in another life, everything worked out alright
And things that made this harder passed us by
But there's no bad dream to wake up from
Know I got it bad when it's the morning and you're all that's on my mind

Nobody - Mitski

My God, I'm so lonely
So I open the window to hear sounds of people
Venus, planet of love was destroyed by global warming
Did its people want too much too?
Did its people want too much?

Smoke Signals - Phoebe Bridgers

I want to live at the Holiday Inn where somebody else makes the bed
We'll watch tv while the lights on the street put all the stars to death
It's been on my mind since Bowie died
Just checking out to hide from life
And all of our problems, I'm gonna solve them
With you riding shotgun, speeding, cause fuck the cops

Alaska - Banks

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, don't go
I found a letter from your friend, he said you're gone
He said you were going to the mountain with the most snow, so long
Told me you were headed for Alaska
I thought I dreamt it, but I know it, now it's on
Instead of writing letters, Jimmy could've had my heart to lean on

Teen Idle - MARINA

I wish I wasn't such a narcissist
I wish I didn't really kiss the mirror when I'm on my own
Oh God, I'm gonna die alone
Adolescence didn't make sense
A little loss of innocence
The ugly years of being a fool
Ain't youth meant to be beautiful?

Green Light - Lorde

I do my makeup in somebody else's car
We order different drinks at the same bars
I know about what you did, and I wanna scream the truth
She thinks you love the beach, you're such a damn liar

Dress - Taylor Swift

Say my name and everything just stops
I don't want you like a best friend
Only bought this dress so you could take it off
Carve your name into my bedpost, cause I don't want you like a best friend
Only bought this dress so you could take it off