Hello lovelies,
I came across an A-Z playlist post earlier and thought it would be a good idea for my first post. I've also included a link to a spotify playlist with all of the songs on at the end of the post if you're interested.
Enjoy x

Apple Cider (Beabadoobee)

album, nirvana, and band image field, sunset, and view image
it's really nice to see you

Boys Will Be Bugs (Cavetown)

cavetown image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
i really need a hug

Cornflake (Psychedelic Porn Crumpets)

concert, nirvana, and grunge image concert, grunge, and indie image
let life take over

Death of Me (PVRIS)

pvris, lynn gunn, and alex babinski image Image by Bab$
heaven knows what you do to me

Explore (Sundara Karma)

alternative, indie, and music image aesthetic, alternative, and nature image
buy your tickets for the execution

Face Behind Her Cigarette (Boy Azooga)

girl, smoke, and aesthetic image aesthetic, blurry, and drink image
the face that no one can forget

Ghost Printer (JOHN (TIMESTWO))

concert, gig, and girl image angel, street art, and warrior image
i blame his guts for my failed desires

Heavy Thoughts

Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It
there's misery in these clothes

It's Not Living (If It's Not With You) (The 1975)

Abusive image the 1975 image
all i do is sit and think about you

John Wayne Gacy, Jr (Sufjan Stevens)

coffee, man, and retro image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
look beneath the floorboards for the secrets i have hid

Kim's Caravan (Courtney Barnett)

open, photography, and vintage image arab, art, and baghdad image
i am just a reflection of what you really want to see

Like I Did (Leadley)

amazing, british, and stunning image pink, balloons, and party image
kissed your tears on your worst days

Magazin (White Denim)

aesthetic, vintage, and music image bed, freedom, and home image
when the light's out what do you see?

Nightmares (Easy Life)

beautiful, night, and town image best friends, people, and together image
it's all a bit of fun until somebody gets hurt

One Rizla (Shame)

natural, pastel, and relax image drawing, sad, and tumblr image
if you think i love you, you've got the wrong idea

Poundshop Kardashians (Sam Fender)

aesthetic, building, and city image aesthetic, tumblr, and love image
beautiful people devoid of emotion


aesthetic, artsy, and best friends image 90's, boys, and fuck image
smell like roses on the ceiling

Sunflower (Rex Orange County)

Temporarily removed Image removed
i don't wanna see you cry

Right Now (Dirty Projectors)

aesthetic, art, and plants image boy, fashion, and field image
some said a light shined where darkness dwelt

The Way Of Mary (The Night Cafe)

cafe and night image korean, Late, and cute image
she makes me tell her my problems

Ultraviolence (Lana Del Rey)

Image removed pink image
he hit me and it felt like a kiss

V.3005 (Childish Gambino)

childish gambino, donald glover, and music image girl, friends, and fun image
i used to care what people thought

Wages (Bad Sounds)

party, balloons, and grunge image
my patience is paper thin

XXX. FEAT. U2. (Kendrick Lamar)

bar, hip hop, and music image friends, night, and grunge image
leave him in the wilderness

You & Him John Grant

alternative, indie, and music image aesthetic, campus, and drinks image
you'll regret what you did

Zorbing (Stornoway)

travel, nature, and indie image
lost my heart between the sheets of lightening

1049 Gotho (Idles)

alternative, art, and depressed image artist, black, and club image
there's no right side of the bed with a body like mine and a mind like mine

Spotify Playlist! - https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5VViUdamyx4yWwRUruPB5J?si=dhp8tXFTSXWcq3B44JGSrA