Hello and welcome again, Heaters!

Here's another 3 days update from my subliminal journey :

""DAY 6""
- My eyes are shiny and lighter (I have dark circles around my iris and we can see them more clearly)
- My eyebrow shape has changed, they're more straight and it's easier to "trim" (Idk if that's the right word)
- My nose is tinier and more upturned (it's cute haha)
- I think my night out caught me up because some pimples appeared on my face ;-; at least they're not too visible like they used too after too much alcohol
- A bit longer eyelashes
- It seems that my height decreased? I checked and now I'm 170cm compared to my usual 174cm. That's weird because I don't want to be smaller and the subliminal doesn't mention that (maybe it was an error)
- My hair looks soooo good! Like so easy to style and my curls are so big and cute! I love it (they also grew a bit longer)

""DAY 7""
- The pimples almost entirely disappeared so that's great (I also put a face mask from Lush, Cup'O'Coffee if you're interested)
- Nice complexion
- My nose is a bit tinier than yesterday? I'm not sure, maybe I'm just not used to it yet
- My lips look good, they're pinkier and more like my desired shape
- Perkier butt (funny 'cause I don't exercise and I'm laying on my bed almost all day)
- My eyelashes are so long and messy! They keep falling in my eyeballs and that's kinda annoying (I don't wear mascara so they're not curvy, maybe I should try and transparent one)

Ok so today (day 7) was a weird day; since the night before I was feeling some bad vibes so I meditate this morning. It helped (It could've been a HORRIBLE day I guess..) but I was feeling so negative about how my body looks, I thought I was fat etc. (even though I know I'm not and either way, that's not a good perception of self)
I decided to focus on good affirmations before sleep to get better tomorrow, it's probably because it was my first day of ovulation.

--> LIttle message for you guys: don't be discouraged! Bad days like this happen but we have to stay positive (and stick to this damn subliminal playlist lol)

""DAY 8""
- When I woke up this morning, my lips were so unusually pink that I thought there was some lipstick left lol
- My hair looks good even though I didn't put hair products on it (and if you have curly hair, you know they're essential)
- My baby cat was so cuddlyyy (she's usually like that but today wow), she was always with me, following me everywhere! I noticed it was a part of the affirmation (smth like "babies and animals love you") that was very cute
- I didn't notice before but my nails are great! They're not even (because I broke them from time to time lol) but they're nice
- I noticed that my boobs are skinnier because I wore a bra who was a bit tight before

Yesterday was definitely a "bad vibes day" (or 1st day of ovulating) because when I looked in the mirror this morning, I didn't think that I was fat at all, my stomach was pretty flat and my arms and thighs skinnier (I even could wear a shrunken dress in wash and it fitted perfectly although it was a bit short)

That's it! I hope this has motivated you to start or continue your subliminal journey! Have a great day and see you for another update!
(If you haven't read it yet, here's the link to my previous article :

Sorry for my potential English mistakes (I'm French) xoxo