You are sitting on the floor and looking up.
You can see them standing in front of you.
You get up and try to make a step.
But you fall.
A piece of HOPE is gone.

You are in the room with the others and wait.
You impatiently wait for the papers that most of the others already have.
You get them.
Your nervousness dissappears and you are horrified.
A piece of HOPE is gone.

You are waiting for her on the bench.
You can see her coming and you get excited.
For a long time you want to tell her something, something deep from your heart.
But when she has arrived she kills your excitement and you are shocked.
A piece of HOPE is gone.

You don't understand anything anymore.
You only feel fear and grief
You have no strength left.
But then you can see something. Something bright.
This Thing Comes near and you can feel something familiar.
You recognize it