This last boy was a completely different experience for me when compared to the others. Now you don't know me but if you did you would understand that this boy was an exception. Never in a million years would you say I'm the type of girl that would do something like this. Like what you ask? That's the story I'm going to tell.
Two months ago I went to the national games with my team. It's a big event with 5 or 6 different sports and it's really great to meet new people. I met boy #4 when I was watching a basketball game in the most random way ever and we hit off really well. He was a year older than me and he was part of the staff. We spent 2 whole days flirting and mocking each other. He was super cute and fun and I was in a process of moving on from boy #3 so I went along with it, not knowing what to expect. Last day I was hanging out with him and my friends and he started throwing me water. I gotta admit I was a little bit nervous to respond but I remember thinking "what the hell you're never going to see him again, it's now or never" so I threw him water and I ran. When he caught me we were already outside and the real water fight began. Somehow in the middle of all this he kissed me. And boy did I kiss him back. He grabbed me, pulled me up and took me to this quiet place where we started making out and the rest is history.

After coming back he stayed with me as we watched the basketball final match and then it was time for me to leave. I went to grab my backpack and at first I just said goodbye to him with a kiss on the cheek because I didn't want anybody from my school to see me but again I remember thinking "what the hell I deserve a better goodbye" so when I was about to enter the bus I turned around, I ran after him and I gave him a big kiss, leaving him speechless and running back to the bus.
So this was my secret adventure. My best friend was afraid I was going to regret it but I never did. Yes I gained a crush on the boy and it was hard like hell for me to forget him but I never regretted it for a second. Those four days were like a paradise to me. The boy didn't know me and I didn't know him. I just knew he was super nice, hot and fun to be around and that's all I needed to know. During those four days I was happy. At the time I was in desperate need for some happiness.

Maybe if it were today I wouldn't do it because it's true, that's not who I am. However, I gotta say I loved the sense of freedom and craziness. I loved how I felt when I was with him, like I didn't owe him anything and I was just having fun.
I don't even care if my friends judged me or not when they found out (or at least I tried not to care) because I knew it was a onetime thing and I was okay with it. I just needed to be wild for once. I needed to be irresponsible and stupid. I needed it. Sometimes I feel like I still need it. Sometimes I miss the way I felt with him. I miss the freedom and the little flirting games. I miss feeling that much happiness and I miss the feeling of not caring about a thing.