Day 18

What is the worst thing your character has done to another person?

During her freshman year Meg didnโ€™t know her brotherโ€™s friends and wasnโ€™t interested at all becoming friends with them. At this time Tony and his friends were in their senior year and Tony and Meg had a tough time in their relationship and didnโ€™t talk a lot to each other. She loves to spend all of her time with her girlfriends and was kind of mad at Tonyโ€™s friends, because she thought that they had a bad effect on her brother.
After a long school day Meg, Piper and Sophie met in the girls-bathroom and talked about their opinions about some of the senior-boys. They started to bitch about Archie, Luke, Logan and Mike and didnโ€™t say nice things about them. But unfortunately, the bathroom-door was open and Archie and Luke heard every word they said.

Meg didnโ€™t remember the things she said then, but she felt bad about it after she became friends with the boys. Even though she was quite young and naรฏve and didnโ€™t meant the things she said, she apologized to the boys for her crude words.

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Day 19

What is the kindest thing your character has done, but has never told it to anyone?

A few months after Meg and Tom became a couple, she witnessed a heated conversation between her boyfriend and some dangerous looking guys. Through a conversation with Mike and Logan Meg found out about Tomโ€™s connection with a bad gang. The boys told her that Tom owed them some money from a deal that went wrong. Even though Meg kept that story in her mind, she didnโ€™t want to talk with Tom about it. But when they two got attacked after a date and the offender threatened Tom with hurting him and Meg if he wouldnโ€™t pay back the money within a few days, Meg couldnโ€™t ignore the story any longer. She found out the amount of money Tom owed the gang, packed everything in a bag and payed all his depts.

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Yes, she was scared and had doubts that everything would go right, but she would do it all over again if she could protect the love of her life.

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Day 20

What's your character's biggest secret?

Obviously itโ€™s Megโ€™s double-life.
She always used to be the nice and kind girl everybody loved, but when she met her brotherโ€™s friends and fell in love with Tom, she recognised that she was so much more than the girl everybody liked.

It was like she discovered who she really was when she was someone completely different.

Meg loves the idea of being something that nobody expects her to be.

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She loves the person she is during the school time but she would prefer to wear a black leather jacket over her outfits. Everybody thinks that Meg is still the cute girl she always was but nobody could imagine her in punk clothes and stepping up for her friends, love and everything she felt was right โ€“ even if it forces her one time or another to deal out punches.

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