Hi babes! Today I have decided to tell you 15 of my favourite songs which I highly recommend you go listen to. I hope you enjoy! ♥

Stone Cold Classic by AKA George

girl, book, and moon image flowers, photography, and light image
You don't have to ask,
You know I have it.

Hold Me While You Wait by Lewis Capaldi

girl, dress, and paris image aesthetic, plants, and green image
I wish that I was good enough,
I wish that I could wake you up.

Good Times by All Time Low

fashion and sky image quotes, vintage, and write image
I'll hate the goodbye,
But I won't forget the good times.

Monsters by Ruelle

music, photography, and vintage image pills, glitter, and gold image
And I'm feeling like a villain,
Got a hunger inside.

Moonlight by Ariana Grande

Temporarily removed necklace, pink, and heart image
He's giving me Elvis,
With some James Dean in his eyes.

Dance To This by Troye Sivan ft. Ariana Grande

sky, pink, and grunge image flowers, pink, and sky image
Don't need no place to go,
Just put on the radio.

Dream A Little Dream by Doris Day

flowers, sky, and aesthetic image clouds, aesthetic, and white image
Stars fading but I linger on dear,
Still craving your kiss.

Sweaters by Ivan B

pale blue, pastel blue, and jaemin image aesthetic, beach, and blue image
I'm running out of breath,
And I forgot how to breathe.

Old Scars/Future Hearts by All Time Low

Image by || GHADIR || rose, flowers, and red image
I won't fade away,
Be forgotten or just cast away.

Happy Little Pill by Troye Sivan

city, bed, and sky image girl, shadow, and aesthetic image
My happy little pill,
Take me away.

Running With The Wild Things by Against The Current

black, cloudy, and colors image aesthetic, red, and bed image
Education, Manipulation,
Decide out fate but never ask us.

Just One Yesterday by Fall Out Boy ft. Foxes

aesthetic, grunge, and neon image danger, girl, and lilac image
Anything you say can and will be held against you,
So only say my name.

If I Lost You by Shiny Toy Guns

pink, aesthetic, and sea image sky, travel, and car image
What in the world would I do,
Without you.

Atlantis by Bridgit Mendler

blue, aesthetic, and girl image water, sea, and ocean image
Oh my lord, where's my soul,
How did we end up like this?

Fractures by Illenium ft Nevve

aesthetic image sunset, aesthetic, and sky image
Call me post-traumatic
Now it's do or die.