One-Piece or Bikini

bikini, color, and floral image beach, bikini, and girl image fashion, summer, and bikini image summer, bikini, and body image
Summer body deserves summer wear.

Watermelon or Strawberry

b, fruit, and watermelon image fruit and watermelon image summer, watermelon, and pool image watermelon, fruit, and food image
I've been drinking....Watermelon!

Ocean or Pool

summer, ocean, and sea image summer, sea, and ocean image girl, ocean, and summer image girl, summer, and beach image
Explore the ocean and learn of its stories.

Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream

ice cream, food, and chocolate image chocolate, food, and ice cream image chocolate, food, and ice cream image food, ice cream, and chocolate image
Why choose, when you can have both?

Roses or Sunflowers

rose, flowers, and pink image rose, flowers, and pink image rose image flowers, rose, and pink image
A rose is still a rose.

Swimming or Tanning

summer, girl, and ocean image beach, bikini, and body image girl, rain, and surf image jasmine tookes, model, and Victoria's Secret image
Vitamin Sea!

Night In or Night Out

love, couple, and movie image friends, happy, and light image gno and sex and the city image sleep, dance, and black image
Sleep all day. Party all night.

Chill or Party

travel and summer image dress, fashion, and style image girl, summer, and beach image Image by Mrs.G
Let's count the moments.

Beach or Desert

beach, girl, and summer image beach, summer, and sea image beach, girl, and sea image summer image
Any day is a good day for a Beach Day!

Ice Cream or Frozen Yoghurt

chocolate, food, and ice cream image ice cream, food, and pink image ice cream, food, and summer image food, flowers, and ice cream image
You scream. I scream. We all scream for Ice Cream!

Window or Aisle Seat

travel, sky, and clouds image travel, sky, and city image christmas, fashion, and food image travel image
Those views!

Carousel or Roller Coaster

horses and roundabout image horse, photography, and carousel image Temporarily removed light, carousel, and night image
Movement without the scare, living like a child again.

Staying Up To Watch The Stars or Wake Up Early For A Walk

girl, city, and red image sky, clouds, and stars image life, night, and quotes image friends, lights, and night image
Late-night talks as we contemplate life and watch the darkness turn into light.

Trip To The City or Countryside

paris, travel, and city image city, light, and night image night, light, and taramilktea image girl, city, and travel image
Trip to the City with late-night strolls in the open air and views that build the excitement of summer.

Going To The Fair or Bonfire With Friends

aesthetic, blue, and friend image friends, emma chamberlain, and fashion image food, girl, and fair image Image removed
What better way to share in happy memories with friends.

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