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Do you know that feeling? When you took a mirror to look in it and just hate yourself?
Yeah...I know too...
Look at these wrinkles, scars and flaws... Then look at other girls with perfect glowy skin... How many times wish you were them? How many times start you crying 'cause of it?
I tried, tried to take care of it, tried everything, bought different skincare products but it doesn't matter... It didn't make any difference.

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...And one day, I just got tired... of everything.
I saw myself with bumps and pimples, freckles... And just think that... it's normal... throw foundation and just realize that it was MY OWN SKIN! And I should love it. No matter how unperfect is it. Just think it's your own! Just take it as it is.
Look! it's your stars, stars on the face! it's your own galaxy on your face. Yeah! take care of it! Love it!

Love,Nica ♡
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