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name: Marina Foster

birth: may 22nd (sixteen years old)

species: human

affiliation: baxter high, christian church

occupation: student

beautiful girl, girl, and heart image girl, black and white, and grunge image book, girl, and black and white image aesthetic, fashion, and girl image
pale, light brown straight hair that reaches just above her chest, 5'3, light blue eyes
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her family moved to greendale because her parents, a pair of paranormal investigators, were drawn to the little town because of its paranormal history and believed they could start writing a book documenting the bizarre history of greendale.
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she is not a very sociable student so she spends most of her time reading romance novels to distract herself from the crazy stuff going on in greendale. all of her reading has caused her to become a very imaginative and hopeful person, so you will catch her daydreaming frequently. she is very sensitive person and avoids conflict whenever possible.
in baxter high:
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she is known a the "weird christian girl". she always carries a bible on her backpack because she is sure about the presence of satanic spirits around the town. she is determined to start a bible club in the school but she is too shy to spread the word. she is terrified of Sabrina and her friends, she doesn't know she is a witch yet, but she is already scared that Sabrina named a school club: "WICCA."
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