Hello Witches🌺
I am on a break so i do this anyways because i got borede really easily so i thought of doing this quiz and i hope you do it and have fun with my results.

♡Quiz N°1: Choose between different wedding cakes and we will tell you how your future husband will be

couple and love image couple, love, and Relationship image
Answer:"An extrovert who does not take himself too seriously"

♡Quiz N°2:Tell Us Your Food Preferences And We'll Guess Your Name

hannah montana image
Answer:Hannah, by the way my name is Ignacia

♡Quiz N°3:Live In The '70s And We'll Tell You Which "That '70s Show" Teen You Are

Mila Kunis, that 70s show, and jackie burkhart image jackie burkhart, Mila Kunis, and that 70s show image
Answer:Jackie Burkhart

♡Quiz N°4 Answer 6 questions and we will tell you if you are more Serena Van Der Woodsen or Blair Waldorf

gossip girl, blair waldorf, and leighton meester image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Answer: blair

♡Quiz N°5:What Ice Cream Flavor Are You?

Answer: Coffee

♡Quiz N°6: Which wedding of the Jonas Brothers are you?

nick jonas, wedding, and priyanka chopra image wedding, nick jonas, and priyanka chopra image
Answer:The extravagant wedding of Nick and Priyanka

♡Quiz N°7:What's Your British Name? Answer:Amelia, i honestly loved it

♡Quiz N°8:These questions of What do you prefer? will tell you what kind of tattoo do you

tattoo, butterfly, and black image Mature image
Answer: Something in the back

♡Quiz N°9:Pick Some Nature Scenes And We'll Give You A Cancelled Netflix Original To Watch

Answer:Santa Clarita Diet, i haven´t watched yet so i will.

♡Quiz N°10:How Romantic Are You?

aesthetic and lara jean image
Answer: You're really romantic

♡Quiz N°11:We Know Which "New Girl" Character You Should Room With Based On The Apartment You Decorate

Image removed food, funny, and gif image

♡Quiz N°12:Create Your Own Popular TV Show And We'll Tell You If It'll Win An Emmy

Answer:Congratulations, you just won an Emmy!

♡Quiz N°13:This Quiz Will Reveal Which "Dynasty" Character You're Most Like

beauty, building, and chic image beauty, blonde, and blonde hair image
Answer:Fallon Carrington

♡Quiz N°14:Skip Or Binge These TV Shows And We'll Accurately Guess Your Relationship Status

alone, quotes, and new girl image
Answer: Single

♡Quiz N°15:Pick A Bunch Of Marvel Characters To Reveal Which Avenger You're Most Like

Inspiring Image on We Heart It natasha romanoff, Avengers, and black widow image
Answer:Black Widow

♡Quiz N°16:Recast "Riverdale" To See Which High School Clique You Belong In

Answer:Overachievers, I hoped it was wrong

♡Quiz N°17:Which Hogwarts House Do You Belong In Based On The "Harry Potter" TV Show You Cast

quotes, school, and theme image Abusive image aesthetic, ravenclaw, and book image shop, city, and books image

♡Quiz N°18:Answer These Questions And We'll Reveal Which "Grey's Anatomy" Character Is Your Boyfriend

greys anatomy and alex karev image justin chambers, alex karev, and Greys image
Answer:Alex Karev

♡Quiz N°19:Are You More Like Lorelai Or Rory Gilmore?

gilmore girls and rory gilmore image book, books, and rory image

♡Quiz N°20:Choose The Characters You'd Date And We'll Reveal Who Your Perfect Match Is From "The Office"

Abusive image
Answer:Michael Scott