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I just visited Madrid last week and what can I say? It's a really gorgeous city!
Even though I wouldn't advise you to visit it during summer because it's very hot but if you insist on going during July or August, I'll advise you to always wear a hat and your sunscreen!

So, we booked an Airbnb because it's way cheaper than a hotel during summer season. We found a very nice apartment in the center of the capital and the advantadge is that everything was near and we didn't even need to take the subway every time.
Also Ubers are very cheap in Madrid, you pay an average of 6 € to move from the center to the Temple of Tebod for example.

Here are the things I suggest you to visit in the capital of Spain:

Visit the Royal Palace

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Royal Palace, Madrid

The exterior architecture is already so nice that you stop for a while to take pictures right before getting inside. The general price of the visit is 13€ and for students it's 7€. You can even add a multimedia guide for 3€.
If the exterior is beautiful, the interior is breathtaking. You get transfered into the royal dimension and get lost in the incredible beauty of the carpentry and furniture.

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Take shots of the Almudena Cathedral

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Almudena Cathedral, Madrid

After ending your visit of the Royal Palace you can find the cathedral right in front of you. It's a beautiful scenery to take amazing shots for your Instagram and WeHeartIt.

Eat Churros at Chocolatería San Ginés

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You can take a break after too much walking at one of the most famous -_Churrerias_ of the capital.
If you've never tried Churros with hot chocolate, then it's time for you to visit!

Drown in art at the Prado Museum

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Prado Museum, Madrid

If you're an art lover, you'll certainly LOVE visiting the biggest museum of Spain. Masterpieces from all over Europe; El Greco, Velásquez, GOYA... and many others famous painters.

The general price is 15€ and it's completely free for students! Amazing, right?

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Go shopping in Puerta del Sol

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Puerta del Sol, Madrid

It's nice to have a walk in Puerta del Sol after lunch, the atmosphere there is very nice as there are many entertainers and musicians in the place. It's also the perfect place for shopping, you can find all the shops there!

Get lost in the Real Jardín Botánico

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Real Jardín Botánico, Madrid

Facing the Prado Museum, you can get in the famous Royal Botanical Garden with only 6€ (4€ for students). If you're a nature lover, you will lose your mind while having all kind of plants and colors around you. It's the perfect place to walk with your partner or have a relaxing moment with your friends or even better, read your favorite book.

It's also a nice place to take beautiful shots in the nature!

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Eat tapas at the San Miguel Market

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San Miguel Market, Madrid

I mean, who visits Spain without trying the famous tapas?

You can take a short walk inside the market and try tapas which are appetizers or snacks, you can call them the way you want. And if you're a fish lover, you're not going to want to leave.

Admire the greatness of the Temple of Tebod

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Temple of Debod, Madrid

The temple is surrounded by a large garden. It's a splendid place to take a few shots and is also impeccable to relax for a little while thanks to the calmness around.

Party on Saturday

If you're travelling with friends then it's perfect to go out and party all night! One of the most popular nightclubs in Europe is right there in Madrid.
The Teatro Kapital is the perfect place for a good party night. The club which is an old theatre has 7 floors with different genres of music and a terrasse. Get inside and enter the world of dancing and having fun. You can meet people from all over the world and enjoy the DJ's playlist during the whole night.

Madrid is a beautiful city and there are lots of things to do, I hope you'll enjoy your trip. Hasta luego!