and they told me it's not possible to miss someone like that
and they told me if you think that's love you gotta wait till the real one hits
and they say love hurts & that's how i knew what it was
and i've been a coward cause i let you leave,
but you just gotta believe:

i would rip my heart out of my chest
i would go through this hopeless hell,
just to take another look at you
hell, i would admit we'll never work out,
but i would rather love no one at all than to stop loving you

you're the one that i love
you're the reason for every breath that i take
so now that you're gone, what choice is there to make?
- is it living or is it dying?
cause i wish you'd knew how hard i've been trying
but i'm a coward for letting you leave,
but please you just gotta believe:

i would always give 110% to protect you from this venom
i would take every damn step twice just to make sure it's safe
and hell i would die for you
cause i believe when i die you'll love me