I think everbody knows it when you're bored and don't know what to do with your freetime, especially in the vacations when you're not on a trip, but all of your friends are... I hate that feeling of wasting my time by lying in the bed all the time and watching youtube videos or spending my time on instagram. So, here are some suggestions for you!


Try out a recipe you've never done before and invite some friends or maybe neighbours to eat it with you. Maybe choose something that's a little bit more elaborate and needs time. And if that went well... perhaps add a sweet dessert:)

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If you're not in the mood to go out and just want to watch a movie, do a harry potter marathon. No matter if you invite some friends or do it alone, Harry Potter is always a good idea and will make you smile ,cry ,laugh and tense.

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Take yourself some time and clean up your room and clear out the things you don't need anymore like clothes or books. While tyding up your closet you'll find things you forgot about and could arrange outfits for different occasions.

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Learning a new language is very difficult and nothing for one day or even one week. But maybe you're going on a trip to France in a month and could learn some sentences to communicate there and to make a good first impression.

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Search for some beautful spots in your city (doesn't have to be something big, there are always some nice buildings or parks with colorful flowers) and do your own little photoshoot with a friend and some sweet outfits.

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Reading a good book that mesmerizes you so much that you can't lay it aside is one of the best things from my point of view. For some book inspirations, look through my article down here with books I'd like to read in the future.

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Trying out something new could be starting a fashion blog, painting, playing an instrument, or even writing a we heart it article. No matter what you choose, it doesn't have to be perfect, just make sure that you've fun!

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Take yourself some time and spend a whole day with nothing else than masks, a bath, nail polish and some good music. Therefore create a good playlist on spotify with your all-time.favorites and enjoy the day!

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Last but not least sport. Sport is a good way to clear your mind and to feel more positive. There are many options you could choose from, from volleyball or basketball with your friends or family to strengh training at the gym.

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That's it for now! I hope my suggestions were helpful and I could inspire you to do something with your freetime. Also I quickly wanted to apologize for my spelling and grammar mistakes, but english is not my mothertongue... I hope you liked it anyway:)

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