I think I eat most of the time pretty well. I eat regularly and my diet is versatile. I don't count calories, instead I try to listen to my body and its needs.

Pregnancy has definitely changed my diet because now I consume a lot more dairy foods. Before I tried to avoid them because they made me bloated. Now for some reason my body reacts differently for them and actually I have been craving a lot of milk, cheese and yogurt. I also have had a lot more cheat meals than usual even though I have tried to eat healthy. But when I eat normally this is basically what my diet contains:

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Porridge is my go to breakfast and I have been loving it. It keeps me full for hours and it is easy and fast to make. Usually I eat berries with it. And to get some protein I usually have a boiled egg or 2 egg whites on the side.

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My lunch contains of meat (usually chicken), pasta, rice or potatoes and vegetables or a salad. I try to have it so that half of my plate is filled with vegetables/salad, ¼ carbs and ¼ meat/other source of protein. I also drink a glass of milk at lunch.

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For snack I have a fruit and/or nuts. For example I could eat one apple and about 30g of nuts. I love cashews and almonds so I like to mix those two.

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Dinner is exactly like my lunch. Sometimes I like to change one of these meals for a salad, but then I make sure it contains a lot of protein and also enough carbs. If I have a salad, I might have a small bread on the side.

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About 1-2 hours before going to bed I eat an evening snack. Otherwise I would woke up in the middle of the night for hunger. My snack is a lot bigger than it used to be before pregnancy and might be too much for someone who is not pregnant.

I eat two pieces of bread, usually ryebread. On the top I have margarin, sliced meat or cheese, salad leaf and cucumber. If I feel hungry or I only have one bread, I like to also have a yogurt. It is also something I have been craving a lot now that I am pregnant.

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Water intake

I try to drink at least 2,5 litres a day. In good days I drink about 3 litres of water. When I drink a lot of water I have to pee all the time, but it's worth it. Water helps me with bloating and digestion. (If you didn't know, pregnancy causes some digestive problems that are not fun.)

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Every morning I take my prenatal vitamin. Every now and then I also take some extra c-vitamin and magnesium. Now that I am on my third trimester I don't take my omega-3 supplement anymore. Reason for that is, they can increase hemorrhage. And now I am closer to having birth so I don't really want to bleed any extra.

If you are interested in nutrition I have made two articles about it before. They are not pregnancy related but there are some good overall tips for everyone.

Thanks for reading. ♡