Hi everyone! I am heading to Hawaii for the first time in less than a month and I am super excited to go! Since it's summer break a lot of us are traveling around the world to see family or to just get a away for a while. Here some of my travel must haves when I am on a long flight.

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I always bring my north face backpack with me when I am traveling because it's big enough to fit all my things that i will need on the plane and small enough to fit under the seat. I suggest not to use a big tote bag because they might be cute but with everything in it can become heavy and carrying it on one shoulder can get tiring.
Refillable Water Bottle
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Since you are not aloud to take any water through security I like to take my refillable water bottle and once I pass through the security I fill it up at one of the water stations. Sometimes I like to bring two that way I know I will have enough water during the flight.
Neck Pillow
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This is a must have for me when I'm traveling long distances. Since mine can't fully fit into my backpack I like to wear it when i'm inside the airport. There are sort of cute neck pillows. I got my pink cat neck pillow from forever 21 but you can also look on etsy, amazon, etc.
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You should make sure that you have a space in your backpack to fit your laptop. i love bringing my laptop with me because it's handy when I need to look up things or download pictures from my camera when I am at the hotel. I usually don't use it at the airport or on the plane because i don't want to waste the battery unless I need to go on it.
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This is obvious but phones are a must have since it's where we store all of our music and photos. Don't forget to bring any charging cords that you will need for any electric devices.
Portable Chargers
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This might seem over extreme but I bring 3 portable chargers with me because one might run out of power and plus when you are charging one at the hotel you still have 2 or 1 left depending on how much you use it.
Head Phones
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I usually bring my big headphones with me instead on the portable ones because they could run out of battery while on the plane and then i won't have any way to charge them. Plus they aren't mine to begin with, they are my boyfriends. Also I don't want to be the one to lose them while i am traveling because they were expensive.
A Book and Cross Word Search
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Having a book can also help you pass the time when you are traveling. I usually not a big reader so I also bring a cross word search book to do while on the plane. I usually get them from the dollar store.
Hand Sanitizer!
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Please bring hand sanitizer with you when you are traveling! Germs are spread so easily in an airport and the plane since everyone is in close quarters. Plus it's always nice to have some right before you eat something. You can get it anywhere like the dollar store, target, bath and bodywork's, etc.
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Of course the people on the plane always hand out snacks but when you are waiting to board or you just get hungry it's nice to have some snacks that you brought with you. Make sure to bring stuff that is small enough to fit in to your backpack. I like to bring protein bars or any type of bars, apple, goldfish, mix nuts like cashews or sunflower seeds.
Period Supplies
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Girl's I know it sucks to get your period while you are on vacation. it's like why did it have to come at this exact moment but either way you need to be prepared. Know approximately what day it's supposed to come and bring pads, tampons or a cup depending on what you use. i suggest to get some of the portable heading pads for your cramps.
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This can be anywhere from sunglasses, your wallet, chap stick, anything extra that you think you might need when you are traveling. It's always nice to make a check list that way you know what you have and don't have.
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Trust me you don't need to forget anything that could stop you from getting on the plane. Make sure to bring your tickets for the plane or print them out at the airport. If you are traveling to another country you NEED your passport. Always make sure to bring your ID. When I was traveling with my sister to Disneyland our mum did not have her ID with her so she had to drive 8 hours + more to get from the bay area to Disneyland.
Your Most Important Items
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For me it's my medication that i need to take everyday for my thyroid to help produce hormones. Any other important things that I might need like any vitamins or anything health related. I suggest to keep these in a place in your backpack that you know will be safe.

Thank You for reading my article! I hope this can help you what to figure out to put into your carry on bag. Check out some of my other articles below! Safe travels. ~ Chelseannerose