I remember when i was younger, i was watching a lot of movies with my family in the evening after school.
I remember watching movies who were all different. Some where about love stories, comedies, murders , rapes...
I remember a movie where a girl who was 15 years old has been raped by someone she knew from her high school. And she didn't want to tell her parents or anyone.
I was so mad, i couldn't understand why. I was screaming "common go tell someone ,get some help, common you just have to speak and explain "

I've been raped two years ago, i was 17 years old. I never told my parents. I never told anyone.
I understood how awful she felt. I understood it's the hardest thing to talk about.
I understood she didn't want to break her parents hearts or make her parents do something they will regret. She wanted to handle the pain on her own.
Just like i did.

You don't know anything of how you would react to somehing until it happens to you.