In addition to being total #couplegoals Olja and Mauricio are the dynamic powerhouse behind the creative studio OMOCADO. One look at their work and you're left wondering "why aren't I that cool?". Seriously, their aesthetic is on point.

The lovely couple was kind enough to sit with us and chat all things relationship, business and everything that comes with mixing the two. Keep reading for an inside look at their love story, their thoughts on balancing work + pleasure as well as some quick tips on how to get out of a creative funk!

(PS. we think you're as cool as Olja and Mauricio❤️)

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Please introduce yourselves to our users!

Hi there! We are Olja and Mauricio, photographers and a couple based in Amsterdam. Mauricio is Spanish/Irish and I’m German/Russian so together we make an interesting mix. We’ve been together for almost 8 years, we both studied Photography in Berlin and lived there for almost 7 years. We moved to Amsterdam a year ago.

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How did your relationship go from partners in life to partners in business? And what is this dynamic like?

When we met we were already living in the same apartment. The company we were working for had a flat for interns and this is how we met. The same happened with our business relationship. We both wanted to do something creative so we decided to pursue photography together even though I already had a degree in Business administration and Mauricio had one in Advertising & Public Relations. We both needed a change and decided to give up everything and start with something completely new to us. We downloaded Instagram right before our photography studies, so we could share our projects and pictures and little by little and before we new it, our hobby had slowly turned into to our job. It was so unexpected!

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How do you balance your business and personal relationships?

This is a very tricky question, I feel like we are definitely not there yet and still struggle to find the perfect balance. As a couple who lives, works and also studied together, there are no clear lines and since our job is very much related to Social Media, everything is very mixed. It’s tough to separate all of these things, especially because we are both self-employed, so work is somehow always present in your life as you don’t have the regular offices hours and weekends off. We are currently trying to find a way to separate work from personal, so stay tuned! :)

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What’s your creative process like? Olja do you primarily take on one role while Mauricio another?

We are both part of and involved in everything that we do. We both create content and are part of the creative process, there is no clear tasks, I think it just depends on the project. We both have similar taste and vision when it comes to our work.

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What’s your favorite part about working together?

Working together means we get to experience and enjoy everything together. We are very lucky to be able to explore, travel and create together. It has its challenges, but we are both very fortunate to share the same dreams and passions!

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What’s been your biggest obstacle / challenge both in working in a creative field and together as a couple?

Working in a creative field is both very exciting, but also very competitive. There are tons of great creatives out there working in the same field and though we both get to meet a lot on interesting people, it’s hard to really connect in a deeper level. As a couple it’s challenging because it’s all about work and about constantly creating and thinking about the next trip or project, so it’s hard to find time for ourselves, but also time off from each other to recharge and get back at it. We are now working on finding a way to find the right balance between private and work life.

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What project are you most proud of / has been your favorite?

There are so many projects that we are both so proud of, it’s really hard to choose.
A couple of years ago we had the opportunity to work on a project with Canon and I think this was very exciting for both of us since we’ve both been working with Canon cameras since the beginning! We are both feel very fortunate to have such amazing clients as part of our portfolio and to have worked with brands which we have known and respected for so many years. You can find them on our website!

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We Heart It is a platform where users go everyday to get inspired. What inspires you?

Inspiration is everywhere if you keep your eyes open, but of course it’s not easy to always be inspired. When we are feeling uninspired, a new magazine about photography will definitely help, but also going to an exhibition or watch a documentary. Going to a new café and enjoying a nice cup of coffee, can also help to get out of the routine, but our main source of inspiration would be traveling. It’s when you travel that you see new things, meet new people and are just surrounded by new things. This is the best way to get the creative juices flowing!

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