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Today's article is about "Turkish songs".

Turkey is really beautiful country known by the :

Historical places :

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Turkish beauty :

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Movies, Series :

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Actors :

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Delicious food :

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Without forgeting Songs that became so trendy lately in the arab world.
To be honest am not really atteched to their songs cause i don't really understand ( Language crisis) but i know some that's why am goona share them with you.
P.S: If you're one of the turkish songs fan plz share with me... I would love to hear them.

1. İdo Tatlıses - Bileklerime Kadar Acıyo :

2. Delibal | Çağatay Ulusoy - Mutlu Sonsuz :

3. Feride Hilal Akın & Hakan Tunçbilek - Gizli Aşk :

4. Rafet El Roman feat. Derya - Unuturum Elbet :

5. Güliz Ayla - Olmazsan Olmaz :

6. Enis Bytyqi - Sillesh :

7. AYDİLGE / KİRALIK AŞK - Sen misin İlacım? KLİP :

8. Maître GIMS - Mi Gna ft. Super Sako, Hayko :

9. TURKISH MASHUP - Kadr x Esraworld - [Sen olsan bari, Leylim Ley, Imkansizim, Narin Yarim] :

10. Uzeyir Mehdizade - Yaxsi Olar :

11. Gülşen - Yatcaz Kalkcaz Ordayım :

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