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I do write songs but due to copyright I'm not including them here, I'm just gonna make up some that one day I could write...

  • Title: Metanoia
  • Genre: Rap, Indie & Punk Rock


  • Track One | Wild

· A song about being wild, carefree, and connecting with nature.

Image by JULEN alternative, art, and artwork image
"Chilly wind is flowing, and I'm feeling wild"
  • Track Two | Boy Meets Boy

· A song to normalize boys loving boys.

hands, blue, and sky image boys, cute boys, and gay image
"Jaime's a lost soul, Trevor's a broken and cold, Boy meets boy, they fell in love"
  • Track Three | Wake Up

· A song about how society and some religions try to brainwash us.

froy gutierrez, 90s, and aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
"Wake up! It's a church of lies, Wake up! Open up your eyes"
  • Track Four | Sixteen

· A song about a 16 yr old girl who starts developing feelings for her bff and is confused about it, years later she still got this feelings.

girl, kiss, and lesbian image 90s, aesthetic, and aesthetics image
"Come closer, come closer, let me brush my lips on your skin, it'll be our little sin"
  • Track Five | Black Barbie

· Dark skin appreciation song

fashion, pink, and aesthetic image aesthetic, aesthetics, and fashion image
"Pretty like a black barbie, fiery like a black barbie, one two three, she spicy"
  • Track Six | Reach For The Sky

· A song about a boy who wants to be a fashion designer but his family doesn't approve it.

Image by ᴹ ᵃ ᵛ ᴸ ᵃ Q ᵘ ᵉ boy, flowers, and aesthetic image
"I'm sick of your damn talk, 'Those dreams of you ain't gonna take you anywhere" You know what, that's not fair! I rather die of passion than don't even try, every day I wake up and reach for the sky"
  • Track Seven | My Enemy

· A song talking to myself about our real enemy, ourselves.

aesthetics, art, and beautiful image boy, red, and model image
"Everyday I let my self down, but listen to me you ain't gonna boss me around, You keep on saying I deserve to die and I break down and cry, you keep laughing at me, talking about me, can't you just let me be"
  • Track Eight | STUNNING

· A song to normalize all kinds of bodies, we are all different and beautiful.

freckles, beauty, and model image Image removed
"Don not cry I'll be by your side, close your eyes and sing 'I'm beautiful, I'm unique, I'm stunning, I'm stunning!'"

That's all, hope you ejoyed the article, I've spent a lot of time to find the perfect pictures!