hey everyone ! i've seen this challenge floating around & i thought i would give it a whirl ♡


fav tv show //

500 Days of Summer, zooey deschanel, and new girl image new girl image
new girl (fox)

fav character from a tv show //

modern family, funny, and life image Image removed
phil dunphy from 'modern family' (ABC)

tv show you are ashamed to admit you watch //

13 reasons why, hannah baker, and quotes image 13 reasons why, sad, and miles heizer image
thirteen reasons why (netflix)

tv show you thought you wouldn't like but ended up liking //

pretty little liars, aria montgomery, and hanna marin image pretty little liars, pll, and aria montgomery image
pretty little liars (freeform)

tv show that you want to live in //

meme, reaction, and gay image quotes, brooklyn 99, and b99 image
brooklyn nine-nine (fox & NBC)

tv crush //

satan, sabrina spellman, and sabrina image Copyrighted image
sabrina spellman from the 'chilling adventures of sabrina' (netflix)
glee and finn hudson image Image removed
finn hudson from 'glee' (fox)

tv show that reminds you of your childhood //

Image removed actors, bedroom, and family image
full house (ABC)

character from a tv show you would like to play //

how i met your mother and sad image himym, Barney Stinson, and how i met your mother image
robin from 'how i met your mother' (CBS)

tv show you have abandoned //

pregnant, Shailene Woodley, and secret life image adrian, american, and couple image
secret life of an american teenager (ABC Family)

tv show you've watched several times //

boy meets world, feminism, and quotes image Image removed
boy meets world (ABC)

underrated tv show //

quotes, atypical, and girl image Image removed
atypical (netflix)

tv show that everyone likes but you don't //

Jerry, rick, and summer image adultswim, rick and morty, and tiny rick image
rick and morty (adult swim)

tv show that you are currently watching //

parks and recreation, april ludgate, and quotes image aesthetic, drugs, and funny image
parks and recreation (NBC)


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