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Today I'm going to talk about how to maintain your faith in God. All of us have difficult times and not so difficult times, but we teenagers tend to forget about God a lot. So here I am, trying to be a sparkle of light in your darkness.

I will begin with a little story.
Till the age of 12, I believed in God and His plans. I wanted to go to church and cherish Him. I trusted what the Bible said and I was so happy to learn everything.
But starting with the age of 13, my faith began to fade away because I was so blinded by what other classmates thought about God and religion in general. So I stopped going to church, I stopped paying attention to religion classes and all. I let go of my faith to be accepted and liked by other people of my age.
Eventually, at the age of 16, I woke up from this nightmare of being accepted by others and started believing in what my heart said.

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Now, I will tell you how I woke up from this hell.

1. First of all, I started to follow YouTubers that were talking about God.

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And let me tell you, I didn't plan this. Most of my time online is spent on YouTube and I liked some channels a lot. Somehow, they helped me think about God again as they were talking about Him all the time. I recommend "Jess and Gabriel" and "Milena Ciciotti". I really like Milena's content a lot. You can also subscribe to "Elevation Church".

2. I started paying attention to religion classes.

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This helped because usually when you don't understand something, your teacher/pastor explains it. Of course, if you ask. Like so, most of my questions became clear again.

3. I surrounded myself with people like me.

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How do you expect to see the light again if you spend your time with the most awful people in the world? Be picky with your friends, as you will become like them once you spend a lot of time with them.

4. I started to read God's words again.

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This is something crucial because when I was reading the Bible, I started to feel something in my chest. Something I can't describe in words. But that feeling made me keep doing this every night, before going to bed. It helped. At first, I didn't want to read the Bible. But when I opened it, everything started to be clear again.

5. Finally, I prayed.

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Pray, pray and pray. Praying is the most important part because it connects God to you, as I said in my last article. Without talking to God, how do you expect to see something changing in you? Let's say you want to change your best friend's behavior because it's not okay. But how do you change it without talking to her? I hope you got what I meant to say.

Thank you for reading all that I wrote here.
It's amazing to see that you want more articles about faith. I received so many messages from you and I'm so happy to see you all grow into beautiful and kind Christians.
I wish you the best.
We'll see each other in my next article.