Hello guys,as you have read,today's article is about how to start eating healthy.
First of all,I'm not a nutrition professional and I'm not doing any diet,I'm just here talking about my experience and giving some advices that I think might help you,so let's start!

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First step: Make a list and write everything you eat,you might find it useless but it is a good way to identify what you can change and it also can help you developing eating habits.
I start changing my habits after realizing that I was eating too much junk food,which lead us to the next question:

Do I have to quit junk food?

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Eating healthy doesn't have to supose a suffering for you

The answer is simple:You don't have to do it,but you should control it,once in a week should be enough,but this is a process and as all,it takes time,so if you eat a lot of this type of food you can start counting how many times do you do it in a week and start trying to reduce or avoid them.


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Have you ever tried blueberries or raspberries? I did it because of my curiosity and now they have become an important part of my diet,they give you energy and also are a good source of fiber.You can replace that chocolate snack for some blueberries,I use to eat them with a natural yogur and a small couple of sugar spoons.

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Fruit is a good replacement for some snacks,it gives you energy and you won't gain weight!

Are you still hungry after have eaten?

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Don't worry,it is something that happened to a lot of people,that could be because you are bored.There are many people who just eat because they have nothing to do,so,to avoid this,you have two possible solutions:

  • First:Do something,keep yourself bussy so you won't have time to think about it.
  • Second:Drink a lot of water till you feel satisfied,you can add it fruit or some lemon slices.You won't gain weight and also,you'll be hydrated.

Try new recipes

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Experiment with flavours and textures

Trust the proccess,it won't be easy and you won't get it in one day,but you can start changing little things to reach your goal!
To keep the motivation,I have also followed some accounts on Instagram that post healthy food potos,I'm going to leave them down here in case you want to check it out.



Thanks for reading me and don't forget to give it a heart!