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A lie without an answer
Don't be fooled, it's a lie
Take off your confusion, throw it away
'cause i can see you now
In my head is a wandering question mark
I sigh out of frustration
Now i found you and it becomes a period
My heart naturally sighs of relief
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I am YOU

Just by being by my side
You become my strength...
I'll stay by your side
Won't you stay here with me?
It's too cold outside the windows to live alone
With you here, it's warmer...
I can overcome anything...
Now my questions and your answers
Fit together perfectly like a puzzle
My worries and your worries
Find common points
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at this point everyone have to say THANK YOU STRAY KIDS

My Side

Even when I see my frightening future
You think of my dreams first
Thank you for reaching out your hands...
We're not divided, we're each other's strength
All your words are by my side
You just calm me down...
When I step forward alone
It's awkward like wearing only one shoe
That's why I need your existence
Wearing both my shoes...
I'll become your side
I'll believe in you until the end
I'll promise you
Stand by your side
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Hero's Soup

I'm always leaning on you
So i don't know anything
When can I know?...
I realized not long ago
That I thought father's hero's soup
Wasn't that important, meaningless
Will i know its meaning in the future?...
Warm hero's soup, that hero's soup
If hero's soup becomes my comfort
I'm my father's son
So that's why I want to know
So that's why I can know
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Get Cool

What's the matter?
Have i really used up all the luck i had?
Let's not worry so much
Just for today...
Ay, small things that matter
Ay, little things that matter
Every once in a while, I'mma feel so fly
That's 'cause there are subtle things like
Kicking the leaves in the autumn breeze
Don't forget about the sound they make
Doesn't matter if the world is a cold place
'cause I'm getting cooler
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aussie line's part enthusiasts make some noise


Everything iI wear is only white or black
The colors are definitely reviving
I don't wear what I used to, is it terrible?
It's not scary
It's just my natural style
I just hate anything ambiguous...
Don't see low-quality, see high-definition well
If you can't be certain, even if I can, I go
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Please stay by my side
You make me more special
We start with the same dreams
And face bigger ones
No more tough moments
No more times alone
The long darkness of chaos is drifting away
That faintly shining light becomes brighter...
This is our start line
Our start line
Our start line
0325 is our start
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yes i'm crying and you are too

can imagine that we are living in the same time with those geniuses?

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