Well hey everyone and welcome to this summer's health series. Today's topic will be blood sugar. Well what is so important about blood sugar. The state of blood sugar in your blood has a huge impact on your overall well being. This is not only so for Diabetics( a condition where your body finds it difficult to handle sugar) but for everyone. Sugar regulation in your blood is important so that you feel alert and avoid that groggy feeling after consuming a high sugar meal. There are studies that show that high blood sugar results in a faster aging process ( so the following tricks can also help you stay younger for longer) . Moreover if there is too much sugar in the blood the body will turn it into fat and it will be added to your waistline so being careful about your sugar consumption will help you keep those nasty pounds off.

so I want to keep this as simple as possible, so I will not bore you with much detail.

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No 1 - Know your sugars

What do you consider as sugar ? Sugar is not only found in sweets and sodas. Anything that is rich in carbohydrates is rich is sugars too. So yes that nice plate of pasta can raise your blood sugar sky high if you over consume- Not telling you to stop eating your pasta though, I love my Pasta , what I am telling you is to be more aware of the sources of sugar out there so that you can be wiser with your food choices. Other sources of sugar include bread and pastries ( yes I am talking about you delicious pies) . Fruits are also rich in sugar , and just to make it clear sugar is not bad for you, it is too much or too little sugar that is.

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No 2 - Switch to whole wheat

So what is the hype about wholewheat . Well , when you consume something that is more wholewheat it means that it is not as refined , so that your body has a harder time extracting the sugar from it. This will make it so that your body will have a constant sugar level rather than a peak followed by a sudden drop which will leave you wanting more. That is the thing with sugar, once it drops your body will signal you that you are hungry . So lets take an example. You wake up on Monday and take two pieces of toast using white bread. This will give you a sugar rise in no time and so after a little while the sugar in your blood will dip causing you to feel hungry. So you help yourself to that mid morning chocolate bar. So what if you took the same toast but this time you used whole wheat bread. The sugar is released slowly and so it will take longer for it to dip and you stay satiated all the way till lunch.

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No 3 - Eat smaller meals more frequently.

This will help you avoid long hours without any food - which will definitely result in a low blood sugar ( we can all relate with that dizzy feeling after a whole day of work and school where we didn't have any time to grab something to eat). Moreover big meals especially if rich in carbs will skyrocket your sugar and will make you feel tired, and we don't want that especially if we have a long day of work ahead.

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Those are my three tips today. There are many more and I will surely be adding a part two to this but I hope that these tips will help you and also hope that this article will make you more aware and motivates you to consume sugars wisely. Non the less as balance is key, you don't have to break up with your trusty friend Mr.Ice cream, just meet him less frequently : p