Hi! I'm a beginner to journaling and these are some things I have journaled about/ want to journal about and ideas for you.
On social media there are so many pictures of "perfect" journals with pretty colour schemes and neat handwriting but it doesn't have to be that way, it just has to be something you enjoy.

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You could...
➼Write about the present moment: things you can see, hear, smell, feel and taste (maybe). This will bring you into now and help you to focus.
➼Write '30 interesting facts about me'
➼Make a sort of scrapbook page of a holiday or trip or special moment with tickets you've collected, photos, stickers and other little things to do with that moment
➼Write a list of your favourite books and a list of your favourite movies
➼Just scribble down whatever you are feeling in that moment
➼A page of quotes you like
➼Something you are grateful for
➼Make a bucket list (for the summer, by the end of the year, to complete sometime in your life...)
➼A list of your favourites this month/ things you love
➼Places you have visited and places you want to visit
➼A doodle page
➼Make a collage of photos of your pet, family, trips, moodboard...
➼Write a list of things you want to learn or make a page of something you have learnt
➼Draw a calendar and have a square for each day of the year and fill in a colour with how you felt that day (I have done this and I love it)

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Hopefully this has inspired you to start a journal . Remember that there are no rules and you can do what ever you want with a journal.

My art and journaling collection:

If you find any mistakes please let me know.
Thank you x