Hi guys ☼ Today I wanted to honour girls in TV shows because they are so important #girlpower ! I chose 10 that I love for many reasons and sharing them with you.

I'll be glad to see which characters you like, mention me if you do this kind of article !

Gina Linetti from brooklyn 99

I love Gina, she's funny, crazy and does everything except her real job ! She's one of the reasons I love that much B99.

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Nancy Wheeler from Stranger Things

Of course I like El', but idk Nancy is really cool and badass, I love her evolution ! The third season is so good btw. The last episode is amazing (but heartbreaking).

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Fiona Gallagher from Shameless

I'm so sad Emmy Rossum (=Fiona) quits the serie she's just one of the best actress, so underrated :(. Fiona is an amazing character, she's strong and brave, she's a good person despite the hard life she got ! (I also adore V)

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Jane Sloan from The bold type

I admire a lot her professional career, it gives me inspiration and strenght because she reaches her goals. Actually I could've mention Kat and Sutton too, they have all something moving and inspiring.

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Annie Marks from good girls

Annie is just funny and clumsy, she has something really loveable, idkw but I like her !

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Fallon Carington from Dynasty

How I could do this article without talking about Fallon ? She's i c o n i c. She's smart, determined and yes, a little bit a b*tch but that just makes her a better character ! and I live for her style haha!

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Jess from New Girl

Now the sweetest character of the thread, Jess ! Her personality is just sparkling (idk if you understand but it means something in french haha). She's funny and so concerned about her friends, she derserves the world (and Nick).

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Phoebe Buffay from Friends

The one and only Phoebe Buffay, I mean it's obvious, she's just amazing in any ways ! After all these years, I feel she's like one of my friends (is it weird?). Phoebe forever ♡♡♡

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Polly Gray from Peaky Blinders

The ultimate badass female character for me, Polly ! She lives among men (and no ordinary beans) and she knows command respect, even with Tommy. She's soooo strong bc her life is and was not easy. ♛

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Gaby Solis from Desperate Housewives

To conclude this long post, I decided to mention Gabrielle Solis (aka Gaby)! I think we all love her despite her flaws. Once again I'll use the word "iconic" to describe her !

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thaaaaat's it and I really hope you enjoyed my post ❤
bonus, I also love : Arya Stark, Robin & Eleven (ST), June (aka Offred in THT), Chloe (Lucifer) or Victoria (Victoria).

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