happy (late) new year everyone! i hope this new year started in the greatest way for you guys, i wish you the best!
today i wanted to share my resolutions with you, maybe it will help to stay motivated and focus on my goals. i would love to see your resolutions too so you can send me message on whi or do your own articles. let's have a beautiful together

prioritize my mental health

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I hope I have the courage to go see a therapist

read at least 25 books

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in 2021, i read 34 which was great for me and i want to keep goign in this way

buy a new phone

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my phone is totally dying since last year so it's time to change and i already order the new i'm so happy

be more muscular

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i love doing some sport but i'm also very lazy and if i don't see results immediatly i stop which is definitly not the good way :')

finish my room make over

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i completely change my room last summer but i didn't finish it since i'm in college and have my own appartment but i like going back in my room so much it's really pretty now, i just have to paint a wall (i'm still hesitating fir the color),

fix my sleep schedule

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for real it's completely fucked up like sometimes when i finish my classes, i go back to my appartment i fall asleep at 6pm and when i wake up it's 9pm and i still have to eat, shower, make my homework so i don't sleep until like 3am, it's hard when i have to wake up at 6am. anyway i just want to have a normal sleep schedule

don't be afraid to say yes

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i'm 100% introvert, i'm really scared to talk to people or ask for something, i like to stay in my room all day and that's okay but i don't want to have any regrets so i should say yes to more opportunities even if it's just go out with my friends

stop procastinate

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this is my worst habit and i blame myself everyday for day so i hope i can fix it this year

answer quicker to my messages

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i nothing more to say, i'm terrible for replying and i'm deeply sorry for that

go to paris

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i was supposed to see a friend who lives in paris on friday but my train were cancelled because of the covid... i was sooo upset but anyway it will be for a next time

do a vlog

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i loooove watching vlog and even my life is not interesting i want to try to do one just for me it could be really fun

practice a new language

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i've started to learn spanish on my own for 3 years but my practicing is very random, i can understand but i can't speak well. since it's an easy language i want to be more regular. i want to practice my korean as well, i can read everything but idk what does it mean lmao