18th of july,2019.

─ today i'm going to be writing on a topic about females. hope you enjoy.

› females are one hella strong gender. they are amazing,beautiful,strong,powerful,loyal,can do anything they put their mind into. as a female, i'm proud to be one.

› only thing is i hate is that we have to live in fear. rapist scare us. we're scared to go out at night so some guy can rape us and kill us. we are scared of wearing what we want cause we will get raped or get judged. but fuck it, we can wear what we want.

› females do make a difference. they give a birth to a new life. they become a mom. a loving word. they become a wife. a person you want to spend the rest of the life with. they become a sister,aunt,daughter...

› females are a strong and beautiful gender. they deserve love. we scream pussy power. females can do anything. wear whatever the fuck you want girl. we all stand with eachother, females support females. pussy power.

› now some female pictures to appreciate the beauty of females :

beauty, clothes, and cosmetic image Mature image Inspiring Image on We Heart It beautiful image Image by PINKC blonde girls, girls, and meninas image curly hair, natural hair, and melanin image tumblr, aesthetic, and beautiful image girl, beautiful, and black image aesthetic, fashion, and girl image ashley, code, and girl image girl, hair, and white image beautiful girl, girl, and heart image girl image girl, korean, and ulzzang image yellow and melanin image


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