* historical
* 2019
* 44 ep / 35min ea
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nokdu flower drama review

Taking place in the Donghak Peasant Revolution, two brothers get entangled in this historical event where they have to fight in opposite sides.

main characters

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Jo Jung Suk as Baek Yi Kang
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Han Ye Ri as Song Ja In
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Yoon Shi Yoon as Baek Yi Hyun

my opinion
This drama its centered in a series of actual events that took place, (beginning in the year of 1894), of which I did not had any knowledge of, I came to this almost clueless. I am a sucker for history [ nerd ], like im not joking, it was my favorite subject at school and I read it for fun so I'm sure that's why I love sageuks (historical dramas/movies) so much, the costums, the old culture, the scenery, i mean everything is so... beautiful.

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But Nokdu Flower took a step further. It was beautiful, and it delivered the emotions this story was supposed to. The times my eyes watered, the goosebumps... damn

Like I said before, I came in this clueless, and I kept myself from reading anything, no history no facts, to avoid spoilers hehe, I wanted the show to tell me the story AND THEN read about it; i mean i knew this had a sorta sad ending, at least in it's timeline near future, because for those who don't know, at the beginning of the 20th century Korea was under japanese rule and well that was not a good sign. Nevertheless it was awesome.

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The acting was raw touching and men did it hit my heart; I really could feel their suffering, their pain, their loyalty, excitement, goals and dreams, they really did THAT. The supporting cast really went beyond, there were so many actors and actresses here and really I remember everyone because they just nailed it.

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donghak members

And my god, the photography was breathtaking.

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The leads were just right and I must say that at the beginning of the drama I really didn't think there was gonna be any romance, but as it progress it felt then again... just right.

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I was in a lot of conflict with Yoon Shi Yoon the majority of the drama, not because of his character, I mean I understood his motives and why he acted the way he did, we were supposed to be mad at him, so I think it was the acting what got me like that and I don't know why :( that final scene tho... DAMN

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baek yi hyun

Regardless, I really liked it, I didn't expect it to have that many heartbreaking scenes but it did and I love getting my heart broken and better if it's a good show. In the end I learned so much about Korea's history and it satisfied me incredibly.

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would i watch again?
-probably not, i mean it's very long, maybe just some scenes :)
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the end