Buonasera! It is night time for me (the best time) and surprise, I'm writing another article about me. I feel that in my real life, people are not interested in getting to know me, so I come here to express myself. So here's this article idea I liked, inspired by:

single - the neighborhood

bath, beautiful, and bliss image hands, him, and hold hands image
I don't think that we should be around each other / when you're in the room, you get my eyes / you open your mouth, I'm hypnotized / I can make you laugh until you cry / you know you got all my attention

there you are - zayn

love, couple, and wolfiecindy image Image by Angel
need you when I'm hot, when I'm cold / need you when I'm young, when I'm old / you won't be far

love me like you do - justin bieber

couple, love, and Relationship image black n white, date, and dinner image
what am I to do, when you love me like you do? / like you do, love me tight and don't let go / let me be all you desire

kokomo - the beach boys

couple, Relationship, and love image beach image
we'll put out to sea and we'll perfect our chemistry / and by and by we'll defy a little bit of gravity / afternoon delight, cocktails and moonlit nights / that dreamy look in your eye, give me a tropical contact high

i can dream about you - dan hartman

couples image beautiful, hands, and neck image
I don't understand it / I can't keep my mind off loving you, not even for a minute / now baby, I'm caught up in the magic I see in you / there's one thing to do / I can dream about you if I can't hold you tonight

forever - chris brown

Abusive image eyes, glitter, and beauty image
girl, where did you come from? / got me so undone / gaze in your eyes got me sayin' / "what a beautiful lady" no if, ands or maybes

god only knows - mkto

90s, aesthetic, and skirt image couple, car, and vintage image
where will I be without you? / god only knows how much i need you / when you touch me with your body / and all that I can think is how to lose our clothes

best mistake - ariana grande

brooke, fitzgerald, and gif image clouds, sky, and stars image
cause if the water dries up and the moon stops shining / stars fall, and the world goes blind / you know, I'll be savin' my love for you

medicine - harry styles

Abusive image lips, sex, and skin image
I had a few, got drunk on you and now I’m wasted / and when I sleep I’m gonna dream of how you tasted / if you go out tonight, I’m going out ‘cause I know you’re persuasive / you got that something, I got me an appetite; now I can taste it

stole my heart - one direction

couple, love, and kiss image Image removed
don't you know all night I've been waiting for a girl like you to come around? / under the lights tonight you turned around / and you stole my heart, with just one look / when I saw your face, I fell in love / it took a minute girl, to steal my heart tonight

the way you make me feel - michael jackson

admire, boy, and handsome image fashion, girl, and dress image
you give me fever like I've never, ever known / you're just a product of loveliness / the way you make me feel / you really turn me on / you knock me off my feet, my lonely days are gone

what a feeling - one direction

after, hessa, and hardin scott image awesome, Relationship, and beautifiul image
what a feeling to be right here beside you now, holding you in my arms / but you've got stars, they're in your eyes, and I've got something missing tonight / what a feeling to be a king beside you, somehow

go all the way - raspberries

90s, the vampire diaries, and claire holt image couples, intimate, and naked image
I come alive when you do all those things to me / baby please, go all the way / it feels so right being with you here tonight

never enough - one direction

couple, love, and Relationship image Abusive image
lips so good I forget my name, I swear I could give you everything / I don't need my love, you can take it, take it / I don't need my heart, you can break it, break it / I just can't get too much of you, baby/ it's never, it's never enough

every little thing she does is magic - the police

love, couple, and train image art, painting, and aesthetic image
every little thing she does is magic / everything she do just turns me on

hooked on a feeling - blue swede

freaky, gif, and lust image back, boy, and grunge image
all the good love, when we're all alone / keep it up girl, yeah, you turn me on / I'm hooked on a feeling / I'm high on believing that you're in love with me

i want to know what love is - foreigner

Besos, forever, and girlfriend image couple, movie, and tumblr image
I want to know what love is / I want you to show me / I want to feel what love is / and I know you can show me

Thanks for sticking around, if you did, and hopefully you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it! Now excuse me while I cry about how alone I am ;)

veni, vidi, amavi