This is my firts articule. I hope that you like it. ☆
Este es mi prime articulo. Espero que les guste. ☆

Favorite song // Canción favorita

Iris - Goo goo dolls
band, boys, and goo goo dolls image iris, Lyrics, and goo goo dolls image

Song that makes you feel sad // Cancion que te haga sentir triste

Demons - Imagine Dragons
demon, eyes, and imagine dragons image imagine dragons and dan reynolds image
How to save a life - The Fray
the fray image band, boys, and iris image

Song that remind you someone // Cancion que te recuerde a alguien

Dirty Laundry - All Time Low
all time low, alternative, and grunge image alex gaskarth, all time low, and zack merrick image

Song that makes you Happy // Cancion que te hace Feliz

You Need to Calm down - Taylor Swift
lover, Lyrics, and pride image Temporarily removed
Girls just wanna have Fun - Cyndi Lauper
blue and girls just wanna have fun image fun, Cyndi Lauper, and vintage image

Song that makes you remind a specific moment // Cancion que te recuerde un momento especifico

Disconnected - 5 seconds of summer
alternative, grunge, and photography image Image removed

Song whose lyric you know perfectly // Cancion que te sabes perfectamente

Car Radio - Twenty One Pilot
twenty one pilots, tyler joseph, and josh dun image band, brothers, and drummer image

Song that makes you Dance // Cancion que te hace Bailar

Come and get your love - Redbone
Funk, music, and redbone image wallpaper, come and get your love, and i want you back image

Favorite Cover Song // Cover Favorito

Love yourself - The Maine
justin bieber, love yourself, and Lyrics image the maine, john o'callaghan, and emo band image
Cancer - Twenty One Pilots
black and white, cancer, and life image band, top, and twenty one pilots image

Song That I feel Identified // Cancion con la que me sienta idenificada

O.D.D - Hey Violet
quotes, Lyrics, and hey violet image miranda miller, nia lovelis, and casey moreta image

Song that makes me feel inspired // Cancion que me haga sentir inspirada

The Middle - Jimmy eat world
Temporarily removed jimmy eat world, Lyrics, and song image
my another articules // mis otros artículos
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