Hi! I'm new here and I love this platform. Here are some things about me so anyone who happens to discover my page can know me a little bit better. :)

A // Age

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B // Best Feature

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I would say my humor. I tend to make people laugh a lot.

C // Color

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I really like all colors but I love fall so I really like that fall/burnt orange color.

D // Desire

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Some desires of mine are to travel the world and to live a happy, fulfilled life.

E // Everyday Starts With...

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I like to have water first thing in the morning. then I go onto yoga. (i usually use 'Yoga with Adriene' on YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/user/yogawithadrien)

F // Favorite Show

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I love love love Friends. I also love all of the DC shows. also, i love the show Lucifer, if you've never seen it, just try it, you'll love it!! I also love the show Catfish!

G // Greatest Achievement

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This might not sound like an achievement but I was really proud and happy when I booked my first trip out of the country, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, which I'll be going on next month!

H // Height & Hair Color

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i'm 5'2 and have brown hair.

I // In Love With...

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i'm in love with music/singing, traveling, watching tv shows/movies, and my puppy.

J // Job of My Dreams

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i have always wanted to be a singer my whole entire life and maybe even an actress.

K // Kind of Guy & Kids

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I definitely want to have kids, probably two. I want my husband to be adventurous & optimistic.I also want him to not be afraid to tell me when I'm being annoying loll. Also, if my husband looked like Tom Ellis, (in the last picture, and the show Lucifer) i wouldn't be mad about it.

L // Learn

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i really want to learn a couple languages. i love different types of languages. i really want to learn russian, japanese, turkish, italian, and maybe more. i also want to learn how to play the piano and guitar.

M // Magical Powers

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I would want to be a wizard so I have a collection of powers, but specifically, i'd love to be able to have the three t's (like on the show 'The Tomorrow People') teleportation, telepathy, & telekinisis. also, healing powers would be so cool.

N // Nationality

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I am Mexican-American, but my great grandmother is from England.

O // One Wish

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i wish no one would needlessly hurt anybody including animals.

P // Person You Last Called/Texted

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my bff. i'm on ft with her right now as i'm typing actually loll.

Q // Questions I'm Always Asked

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"Are you going to college?"

R // Reasons To Smile

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music. travel. nature. astrology.

S // Sexuality

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i like boys. but girls are so pretty.

T // Tattoos

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none yet, but i deffinately want some.

U // Underware

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currently; a peachy white colored pair.

V // Vacation Desinations

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W // Worst Habit

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i tend to procrastinate.

X // X- Ray

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I don't know how many. not a lot though.

Y // YouTubers

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Kalyn Nicholson. Liza Koshy.

Z // Zodiac Sign

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♐︎ sagittarius ♐︎

✧ ⋆゚thank you for reading today ⋆゚✧

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