Hello! It's been a while since I've written anything here so why not come back with a fun article about thrift shopping?! Thrifting is a lot of fun, better for the environment and gets you great, unique finds.
I want to share my thrifting experience with you, but instead of making another list of tips, I'm going to explain how I go about finding cool things in what may seem overwhelming to some, especially for those who have never thrifted before!

To start out, I prefer going to the Salvation Army Thrift Stores because, even as second hand store prices are rising, theirs are still quite inexpensive and have everything pretty organized. Typically, I buy clothes. Some suggest thrifting in higher end areas for brand names or quality clothing, but don't underestimate any area. Keep thrifting open as an option for shopping when you're visiting somewhere new and remember that you can shop based on different decades in time, as well (vintage is in). Always go where you're comfortable to spend time looking around and buying from, though. Keep in mind that you will, of course, be cleaning what you buy and that a lot of the best finds are from the least expected or lesser known places.

Before I go, I'll check when they have sales. It depends on the store, but most places usually have special sales or discounts, like on a day of the week or certain tagged items. If I'm not sure, I'll ask a staff member at the store. Asking staff is an inside scoop on not just lower prices, but info like when new things arrive, when shelves are stocked and getting help on finding anything specific that you could be looking for.

It's good to have an idea in mind of what you're looking for so that you're not submerged in making the endless decision of whether you really want/need something. However, keep an open mind because every piece is different and every store carries different things, which change constantly.

Once I'm actually among the many racks of clothing, I consider my time limit. I'd rather spend time to really look through everything, but some stores carry so many items. That's where quick scanning comes in. I will look for anything that I came to find specifically, first. To browse without taking every one thing off the shelf/rack, I'll look for patterns, textures, prints or styles that catch my eye or stand out.

Especially when I'm quick scanning, I disregard size. As we all know, sizing varies! Consider, as well, how much pieces get moved around - you may find a literal hidden gem. A store's organization is a great guideline to get you started, but don't limit yourself to what size you tend to go with. There are several brands in thrift stores and unique fitting.

Next up, trying things on. Definitely try it on if you can, even if this means pulling it over what you're already wearing for general fitting judgement. Just because something is cheaper at a thrift store does not mean you should ignore your usual shopping instincts. Besides, clothes can look completely different on you versus on a hanger. (Same as home décor pieces-question whether they'll match/be used in your home.) When you try it on, you should a) love it before you buy it or b) have a good idea on how to transform it into something you'll love. Otherwise, you can leave it for the next person who may get better use out of it. (Also, check to see what your store's exchange/return policies are.)

This may seem like a complex process, but it's really not too different from any other shopping trip besides possibly having to look around a bit more. If you're anything like me, you'll enjoy browsing through plenty of options!

I was hope this was a helpful, in-depth guide.
Feel free to check out my other shopping guide for questions to ask yourself when shopping, which I'll put below.