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favorite kind of movie
horror / thriller / animation / action

horror, us movie, and thriller image natalie portman, v for vendetta, and movie image cartoon, disney, and disneychannel image Image removed

favorite movie
coraline (2009) / hereditary (2018) / django unchained (2012) / the book of eli (2010)

coraline image Abusive image aesthetic, cinema, and movie image kunis, the book of eli, and mila image

last movie that you watched and liked
john wick (2014) / king arthur: legend of the sword (2017) / the purge (2013) / the equalizer (2014)

john wick and keanu reeves image Mature image the purge, scary, and movie image bad, Hot, and marton csokas image

last movie that you watched and disliked
journey 2 - the mysterious island (2012) / colombiana (2011)

journey 2 image beautiful, movie, and zoe saldana image

guilty pleasure
ultraviolet (2006)

00s, Milla Jovovich, and resident evil image Image removed

movie that you watched many times
lethal weapon / rush hour

mel gibson, lethal weapon, and movie image 1998, rush hour, and jackie chan image

favorite soundtrack
resident evil afterlife / resident evil retribution by tomandandy

afterlife, zombie, and movie image ocean, water, and alice image

favorite comedy
21 jump street (2012) / 22 jump street (2014)

Image removed gun, jonah hill, and movie image

favorite drama
we need to talk about kevin (2011) / uptown girls (2003)

kevin and we need to talk about image dakota fanning, fashion, and overalls image

favorite cartoon
lilo & stitch (2002) / alice in wonderland (1951)

stitch, cartoon, and disney image disney, alice in wonderland, and alice image

favorite romantic comedy
the proposal (2009) / knight and day (2010) / what happens in vegas (2008) / killer (2010)

ryan reynolds, sandra bullock, and movie image knight and day image cameron diaz image ashton kutcher, par pefeito, and filme par perfeito image

favorite horror
mandy (2018) / a quiet place (2018) / hereditary (2018) / train to busan (2016)

horror, Mandy, and nicolas cage image john krasinski, a quiet place, and Emily Blunt image hereditary, horror, and movie image train to busan image

favorite movie villain

thanos image thanos, mcu universe, and avengers: endgame image

movie that changed your life
the pursuit of happyness (2006)

Image removed will smith, jaden smith, and family image

favorite classic movie
the birds (1963)

Image by HappyEnd blond, blood, and old hollywood image

favorite movie from your childhood
monsters inc. (2001)

boo, disney, and monsters inc image funny and meme image

favorite movie from your pre-teen years
just my luck (2006) / mean girls (2004) / confessions of a teenage drama queen (2004) / freaky friday (2003)

chris pine, lindsay lohan, and just my luck image mean girls, regina george, and rachel mcadams image lindsay lohan image disney, movie, and freaky friday image

favorite christmas movie
christmas with the kranks (2004) / surviving christmas (2004)

christmas, movie, and christmas with the kranks image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

favorite movie about children
little manhattan (2005) / bridge to terabithia (2007)

Image by Deusa do amô bridge to terabithia, josh hutcherson, and movie image

favorite movie about teens
mean girls (2004) / clueless (1995)

meangirls image Image removed

favorite movie about adults
the girl on the train (2016) / focus (2015)

the girl on the train image focus, will smith, and margot robbie image