aries - its only right
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why'd you waste all the time back and forth in my mind?
taurus - i'm full
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i can't even think anymore and i'm tired of the disadvantage, holding on for something alright

gemini - pulling leaves off trees
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seasons changing, but then again so am i
cancer - remember when
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do you remember when we felt like the only two alive?

leo - scrawny
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if i'm offending them. i don't mind, maybe they all should listen to me
virgo - drunk on halloween
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i know the truth is wasted on you

libra - these days
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i'm trying to understand these days
scorpio - sun tan
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you just wanna talk it out but i ignored your call
sagittarius - do not wait
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all the times that feel like everything when nothing really happens at all

capricorn - ground
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we're watching the moments as they're leaving
aquarius - treacherous doctor
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so what's the point of connecting to anyone? is a relationship bought or is it won?

pisces - let the sun in
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i just want to find all the secrets you're keeping inside