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Mermaids Or Angels?

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Mermaids :)

1900's or 2000's

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Smooth jazz or beautiful classical?

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Definitely jazz

Extrovert, ambivert or introvert?

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Introvert through and through

Chocolate bars or lollipops?

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Chocolate bars !

Movies or books?

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Spring or fall?

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Fall <3

Rain or sunshine?

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Dancing or singing?

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singing (even tho i'm the worst hehe)

Tea, coffee or hot chocolate?

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I love tea!

What is your favorite song?

gif, space, and aesthetic image stars, couple, and boy image hands, lonely, and alone image sky, aesthetic, and clouds image
of all time, Saturn ~ Sleeping At Last. Right now, Lost In You ~ Khai Dreams

What is your favorite scent?

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Anything fresh, floral, and citrus-y

When do you normally wake up?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It
In the summer, around 10am and in the school year 8am

What is your favorite book?

carry on, tumblr, and rainbow rowell image castle, travel, and architecture image
Carry On ~ Rainbow Rowell

Who was your first idol in life?

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I never really had idols growing up because people are just people and people let you down and disappoint you.

Where do you go to study?

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Literally anywhere lol

What is your favorite childhood memory?

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Any road trips with my family <3

What is your favorite subject?

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Not sure i have one but maybe history

What is your least favorite subject?

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Science and Math

What is your greatest wish?

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To be happy and help inspire people to be their best selves <3